Home Classic Cars New Ferrari trailer teases Adam Driver’s performance as Enzo

New Ferrari trailer teases Adam Driver’s performance as Enzo

New Ferrari trailer teases Adam Driver’s performance as Enzo


A movie about Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari that’s been decades in the planning is finally coming to theaters on Dec. 25, and a new trailer has just been released.

It follows the first trailer released in August, but this time it has some dialog, giving us our first real taste of Adam Driver’s performance as Il Commendatore.

The Michael Mann-directed Ferrari focuses on Ferrari’s life during the highly difficult year of 1957, when he was close to 60 years of age, hence the gray hair on Driver.

In that year, a Ferrari 335 S race car lost a tire during the Mille Miglia. The car careened into a crowd where it killed the driver, co-driver, and nine spectators, many of whom were children. Ferrari, still mourning from the death of his first son, Dino, the year earlier, and teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, was put on trial for manslaughter but the case was ultimately dismissed.

The movie also stars Penélope Cruz and Shailene Woodley, playing the roles of Ferrari’s wife, Laura, and his mistress, Lina Lardi, respectively. Lardi is the mother of Ferrari’s only surviving child, Piero Ferrari. Patrick Dempsey, an avid racer, also makes an appearance, playing the role of racing driver Piero Taruffi.

Although there have been Ferrari biopics before, most notably the 2003 Italian film Ferrari, the latest film has been a Hollywood dream pretty much since Ferrari’s death in 1988, and possibly even before that. For a long time, it was set to be a passion project of director Sydney Pollack, but the director passed away before that could come to be.

Mann, who previously directed a number of popular movies, including 1995’s Heat and 2001’s Ali, has also been linked with the project since at least 2000. In a recent interview, he said he was inspired to make a movie about Enzo Ferrari when he first saw a 275 GTB rolling down a London street as a film student in 1967.

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