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Nissan Fairlady 240ZG — Supercar Nostalgia

Nissan Fairlady 240ZG — Supercar Nostalgia


The large rear hatch was supported by two gas-filled struts. Once opened it provided a generous amount of luggage space. Two straps helped secure any load in place.


For those customers that wanted to go racing, all manner of engine tuning options were available along with wider 7, 8 and 10-inch magnesium wheels and a long-range 100-litre fuel tank.

Weight / Performance

Compared to a standard JDM 240Z which weighed in at 1040kg, the ZG tipped the scales at 30kg less (1010kg).

Top speed was 5mph higher as a consequence of the improved aerodynamics (now 130mph). 0-62mph took two-tenths of a second less (7.8 seconds).

End of Production

Nissan produced the 240ZG for just a few months between 1971 and ‘72. Precisely how many were constructed is unclear, however, its is unlikely to be vastly more than the 500 units required for Group 4 homologation.

Factory built cars were produced exclusively in right-hand drive.

Highway Police Version

In 1972, Nissan supplied a 240ZG to the police department of Kanagawa Prefecture, mainly for use as a high speed pursuit car. It was equipped with a variety of additional radio equipment, extra lighting and a handsome white over black colour scheme.

Prior to its return to Nissan, the car racked up over 370,000km. It is now part of the company’s heritage collection.

Competition History



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