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Nissan Prepares to Unveil Two EVs in 2026

Nissan Prepares to Unveil Two EVs in 2026


Nissan, the renowned Japanese car company known for its innovative and reliable vehicles, is embarking on an exciting journey of change at its plant in Mississippi, United States. With a bold investment of $500 million, Nissan aims to transform the facility into a prominent hub for manufacturing electric vehicles (EVs) in North America. This move marks a significant shift from producing gasoline-powered cars to focusing on the future of electric mobility.

Pioneering the EV Revolution

By the mid-2020s, Nissan envisions the Canton facility becoming the epicenter of its EV production strategy for the next five to six years. Leveraging its expertise and experience gained from successfully launching the iconic Leaf hatchback over a decade ago, Nissan is poised to introduce a range of cutting-edge EVs under its Nissan and Infiniti brands.

Advanced Technology and Stylish Designs

The forthcoming EVs from the Canton plant will incorporate advanced technologies, offering next-generation connectivity and captivating designs. As Nissan sets its sights on a greener and more sustainable future, these EVs will not only be environmentally friendly but will also provide drivers with a seamless and futuristic driving experience.

During the transition period, the Canton plant will continue producing gasoline-powered Altima sedans. However, it will gradually introduce the production of EVs alongside. The manufacturing plan outlines the debut of two electric sedans from Canton in 2026, followed by the launch of two electric crossovers in 2027 and 2028. This strategic approach ensures a smooth shift towards EV production while meeting the demands of both traditional and electric vehicle markets.

Expanding Facilities for EV Manufacturing

To accommodate the manufacturing of these new EV models, the Canton plant will undergo significant expansion. Specifically, dedicated areas will be established for the assembly of battery packs and other essential EV components. This infrastructure enhancement reflects Nissan’s commitment to fostering a robust and efficient production process for its electric lineup.

While Nissan has not provided an exact timeline for phasing out gasoline-powered cars entirely, the focus on EVs at the Canton plant indicates a clear direction toward an electric future.



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