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By Tom on Sunday, July 23, 2023

A visit to Canford Classics

Securing the services of a dependable and well informed specialist is key when owning a Porsche. With this in mind, we embarked on an exciting journey to the picturesque town of Dorset, where we had the pleasure of meeting Chris Lowe from Canford Classics. Our visit not only allowed us to delve into the inner workings of this exceptional business but also shed light on the ultimate partnership between Canford Classics and Design 911

The Origin Story

As we sat down with Chris and listened attentively to his captivating story, we were transported back to the company’s humble beginnings which “started in 2007”. Described as being “quite small” and once situated in a small workshop, the company has flourished greatly.

Though the team is very tight knit, there is an immense amount of knowledge and decades of experience shared between members of the Canford community. Over the years, the company has gained an international reputation, having established themselves for being a ‘leading specialist’ in classic Porsche restoration, especially 911 models.

Alan, Founder of Canford Classics

Chris goes on to explain how much of the work is done on-site at Canford Classics, “We take control of everything here from engine builds to gear box builds, to metal work, paint work, interior, servicing, suspension breaks. Everything under one roof”.

The Dolphin Grey 1972 911, showcased as part of the company’s services caught our attention, proclaimed as one of Canford’s ‘Gt projects’. “We’ve done quite a few upgrades to it so it’s got a 2 ½ litre engine”, Chris explains. With heated seats, wireless phone chargers and plush interior, the early 911 underwent a few upgrades which definitely visually elevated it whilst keeping the timeless elegance of the classic 911 design.

1927, “Canford GT” Interior

1972, LHD Porsche 911 2.4S (Matching Numbers)

Partnering with Design 911

A pivotal aspect of Canford Classic’s success lies in their strategic partnership with Design 911, which serves as the primary supplier of Porsche parts for the company. This partnership is rooted in a shared commitment to delivering exceptional service to customers.

Chris enthusiastically shares how this collaboration has elevated Canford Classic’s operations, “providing we order in time parts are normally here the next day”. He explains the service as being “overwhelmingly positive”. The alliance between Canford Classics and Design 911 strengthens with each passing day, ensuring that customers can consistently rely on exceptional quality and reliable support. 

What’s next?

Looking towards the future, Canford Classics continues to innovate and engage with Porsche enthusiasts and the wider automotive community.

Their anticipated open day, which is scheduled for Saturday August 19th, will be a celebration of the community they have built up. Showcasing their impressive workshops, as well as hosting a “few hundred Porsches” and offering “complimentary coffee and bacon rolls”, the open day is set to attract a large number of the Porsche community.


In conclusion, our journey to Canford Classics in Dorset proved to be an enlightening experience. Hearing their transformation from a modest workshop to a renowned specialist in classic Porsche restoration was truly remarkable.

The passion and dedication committed to delivering high quality services displayed by Chris and his team are evident in every aspect of their work. By joining forces with us, here at Design 911, Canford Classics continues to set the standard for unparalleled Porsche care. Your Porsche will undoubtedly receive all the care and support it needs.

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