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Pakistan Suzuki Extended Its All Offers

Pakistan Suzuki Extended Its All Offers


As discussed earlier, Pakistan’s auto industry is grappling with cascade of economic repercussions, every month the car makers find themselves on the precipice of a new low. Meanwhile, escalated car and fuel prices resorted to the surge in inflation has also plunge the already vulnerable masses deeper into the financial distress. Resultantly, low sales and depleting profit volumes come as consequence of all this episode.

In a bid to follow survival tactics, car makers are announcing back-to-back offers on their different prominent models. Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company is also among the market players doing so. The company has already announced offers like car financing, free registration and exchange offer on Wagon R and the sleek Swift.

In a recent update, in three different social media posts, PSMC has extended all its offers till October 2023. Coming to the Company’s car financing offer, the post read:

Car Financing

“Get ready to kickstart your journey because HBL car financing offer is now available till the month of October, 2023!”

Exchange Offer

Same is the case with exchange offer on Wagon R and Swift, the post read: “Don’t miss the opportunity to get your desired car now, as the exchange offer on Wagon R and Swift is extended till October 2023. To know more go to your nearest authorized dealership.”

Free Registration For Wagon R

These initiatives reflect Pakistan Suzuki’s commitment to adapting to the economic challenges and finding innovative solutions. By providing attractive financing options, the company is not only striving to boost its sales but is also contributing to reviving the automotive industry, a vital component of the national economy.

In a world where economic uncertainties and inflation have become the norm, every penny saved is a victory. Highlighting this perspective, ‘free registration’ feature by Pak Suzuki comes as a breath of fresh air.



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