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Petrol and Diesel Cars Banned in Stockholm City Center

Petrol and Diesel Cars Banned in Stockholm City Center


In a groundbreaking move to combat air pollution and enhance air quality, Stockholm is set to ban petrol and diesel cars from a central 20-block area of the city starting in 2025. 

Petrol and Diesel Cars Banned In 2025

Lars Stromgren, the vice-mayor for transport and urban environment in Stockholm, declared, “Nowadays, the air in Stockholm causes babies to have sick lungs and the elderly to die prematurely. It is a completely unacceptable situation.” Recognizing the urgency to address the issue, the city is taking decisive action to limit harmful exhaust gases from traditional cars.

The ban, effective from December 31, 2024, will cover a central area that includes Stockholm’s vibrant shopping district and bustling commercial spaces. This region, teeming with pedestrians and cyclists, has been selected strategically to prioritize better air quality.

Stromgren highlighted that the designated area is where a faster electrification is anticipated, with a growing interest in electric vehicles. The move aims to accelerate the shift from combustion-engine cars to electric ones. However, exceptions will be made for essential services like police cars, ambulances, and other security vehicles.

Environmental Zone Expansion

The city plans to expand the environmental zone beyond its initial introduction, emphasizing a commitment to creating a cleaner and healthier urban environment. This initiative positions Stockholm at the forefront of sustainable urban planning in Sweden.

While environmentalists and proponents applaud the move, some in the transport sector express concerns. The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises suggests a focus on more electric charging points rather than an outright ban.

Stockholm’s decision to ban petrol and diesel cars signifies a bold step towards a greener future, setting an example for cities worldwide in the pursuit of cleaner air and sustainable urban living.

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