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Photos – New Honda CG125 is Here With New Stickers & “77 Changes”

Photos – New Honda CG125 is Here With New Stickers & “77 Changes”


Atlas Honda has kept its tradition alive by introducing the new Honda CG125 with fresh stickers and “77 improvements, 35 in engine and 42 in frame”. The official poster of the new bike declares, “Power Up – 77 Improvements, Powerful Experience.” As per the company, this is a “whole new riding experience. and th

The new upgrades in the Honda CG125 include a refreshed crank-shat assembly, redesigned head, and cylinder, new gear-oil pump driver, new gear timing drive, upgraded pistons, reinforced engine mounting points, and upgraded carburetor design with better airflow. The exterior has a new seat design, new speedometer shape, fresh monogram style, and upgraded piston and hub colour. 

Photo credits: Abdullah Motors

The “Special Edition” now be renamed as “Golden Edition” and it has: 

  • Gold front emblem
  • Speedometer with black and gold colour scheme
  • Refreshed seat stitching pattern 
  • Black and gold sticker 
  • Gold side and exhaust cover 
  • Clear white blinkers 

Honda CG125

This means the “Golden Edition” is just a collection of golden-coloured items on the bike and would surely get niche fans. The 77 improvements are not going to be major ones and will not have a huge impact on the performance of the bike, so consumers shouldn’t expect any significant change in the new Honda CG125. 

Honda CG125 Current Price 

The current price of the Honda CG125 is Rs. 234,900, while the Golden Edition (previously Special Edition) comes with a price tag of Rs. 282,900. 

Atlas Honda has been operating in Pakistan for decades, but over the years, it has merely changed the bike’s overall look. The company introduces a new sticker every year and calls it a new model. The same thing happens with the Honda CD70, which tends to continue for coming years because despite these “new models,” the company’s sales have largely remained steady, hence, the same strategy for decades. 

What do you think about the new Honda CG125? Is it worth its price? Please tell us in the comments section. 




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