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Photos – Police Arrest Drivers for Illegal Racing, Drifting in Lahore

Photos – Police Arrest Drivers for Illegal Racing, Drifting in Lahore


Car racing and drifting are sports, but only in a safe environment and not on public roads. Recently, two incidents went viral on social media; one, the boys were doing donuts/drifting in a top college in Lahore, and the second, an illegal racing gang in the private housing society of the city. Taking action, Lahore police have arrested the culprits of both incidents to ensure the safety of the people on the roads and even the drivers themselves.

In the first incident, a video went viral showing some boys doing donuts in a black Toyota Mark X at a top college in Lahore during an auto show. The video shows that the drifting was done in a rather closed space, reportedly in front of Dean’s office. The police arrested the car owner; however, action should’ve also been taken against the event organizers because they allowed it to happen, and all the responsibility didn’t fall upon the driver. Lahore police shared the photos of the arrest on its Twitter handle:

Car Racers’ Arrest 

In a separate incident, Lahore police arrested a group of boys for illegal racing in a posh housing society in Lahore. According to details, the boys used to hold car races on roads, endangering the lives of others on the streets. Furthermore, they used to block the signals in the housing society for drifting/donuts on the road. The police arrested the whole gang and started an investigation against them.

Here are photos of the cars of these racers:

Racing and drifting without preventive measures and a safe environment directly threaten human lives and serious property damage. Lahore police have taken good action, especially against the illegal racers, because they could’ve caused a severe accident. Also, it shouldn’t be a one-time action by the police; instead, they should take action against such rash races regularly.

What is your take on police action against illegal race and drifting? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.




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