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Porsche’s Roads App Finds Your Preferred Driving Route.

Porsche’s Roads App Finds Your Preferred Driving Route.


Getting out there and getting a little lost is one of the pleasures of driving a Porsche. Occasionally you’ll just take a drive for fun, to feel a little more connected to your car on a decent route with beautiful views. Thankfully, Porsche is aware of this and is committed to assisting us in discovering exciting new routes. In addition to improving your relationship with your Porsche, if you own one, promoting the joy of driving might persuade non-Porsche owners to learn more about the company. The business has created a new, free software called ROADS that is accessible to all drivers (including those who don’t drive a Porsche). It is a valuable and engaging mapping tool for fans.

As the ROADS map app premiered in 2019 and we have been using it ever since you may already be a member. This week Porsche released a significantly updated version of the app that includes a brand-new cutting-edge computer model to assist in automatically creating new scenic driving routes for you.

According to Robert Ader, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Porsche AG, “the generator for beautiful routes is the focus of the new ROADS app.” It enables driving enthusiasts to quickly and easily find their own unique ideal route. AI determines a suitable route based on a variety of factors, like road curves, topography, landscape elements, or other areas of interest. No matter where in the world they are, the user can plan a circuit route from their starting point or navigate to a specific destination.

This week, I had a chance to spend some time experimenting with the updated app, and it’s a great step forward. With 180,000 users already sharing their preferred driving routes, there is probably already a decent route for you to choose from the user-generated list, but you can also build a unique driving route with some input to give the app an idea of your tastes. I’ve been hoping for years that someone would add this amazing feature. I’m so grateful to Porsche for developing this technology. Add the ROADS app to your phone right away if you haven’t already. Even most Apple CarPlay systems are compatible with it.

If you still need to be responsible but want to have a little driving indulgence, the program even lets you enter a location and then discover the entertaining route there. What a wonderful trait!



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