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Punjab Government Initiates The Ghora Chowk Flyover Project

Punjab Government Initiates The Ghora Chowk Flyover Project


Lahore, the bustling heart of Punjab, is no stranger to the challenges posed by its ever-increasing population. Traffic congestion has become a daily struggle for its residents, affecting their daily lives and commutes. To address this pressing issue and create a seamless traffic flow from Gulberg to Defense Morr, the Government of Punjab has initiated the ambitious development of a Signal Free Corridor through the Ghora Chowk Flyover Project.

Ghora Chowk Flyover Project

With the successful construction of underpasses at Kalma Chowk, significant improvements in traffic flow have been witnessed. However, the ripple effect has shifted the congestion points to Khalid Butt Chowk and Ghora Chowk, where traffic between Cantt, Gulberg, and surrounding areas now face bottlenecks. To alleviate this, the Punjab Cantonment Board and Defence Development Authority (PCBDDA) have taken charge of building a 3-lane Flyover at Ghora Chowk as part of the Signal Free Corridor initiative.

Traffic Diversion Plan

The traffic diversion plan, a crucial aspect of the Ghora Chowk Flyover project, has been meticulously designed to ensure smooth implementation. This plan will redefine the traffic patterns and open up new routes, easing the burden on congested intersections.

The groundbreaking ceremony for this transformative project will be held on July 17, 2023.

The Ghora Chowk Flyover aims to revolutionize commuting in Lahore, promising a future where traffic congestion becomes a thing of the past. With efficient traffic diversion strategies, commuters can look forward to seamless journeys through this critical corridor.

Embracing a Greener Future

Beyond its immediate impact on traffic flow, the Flyover project aligns with the vision of a greener and more sustainable Lahore. By streamlining traffic and reducing idling time, the project contributes to lower carbon emissions, fostering a healthier environment for all.

As traffic congestion eases, businesses in the vicinity of Ghora Chowk can expect an increase in footfall and accessibility. This project unlocks new opportunities for local enterprises and enhances economic vibrancy in the area.



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