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Punjab’s First Transgender Truck Driver Receives License

Punjab’s First Transgender Truck Driver Receives License


In a groundbreaking move, Muzaffargarh Traffic Police has issued a Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV) driving license to a transgender truck driver, marking a historic moment in Punjab. Shahaana Abbas Shani, the proud recipient, has shattered stereotypes and set an inspiring example for the community.

Shani’s journey to obtaining an HTV license was no easy feat. She faced harsh rejections from several truck drivers during her quest for driving lessons. Many perceived her as just another beggar seeking quick money. However, Shani’s determination to earn a dignified livelihood pushed her forward. She finally found a driver who was ready to help her brother. She keenly learned to drive a heavy transport vehicle to make it a means of income.

The Muzaffargarh Traffic Police Department recognized Shani’s commitment and provided her with comprehensive training on traffic laws for HTVs. Sibt-ul-Hassan Shah, the Incharge of the Police Help Center, confirmed that Shani not only cleared the driving test but also received her HTV license from the department. She has become the first transgender truck driver to obtain a driving license, especially an HTV driving license.

Shani’s achievement goes beyond personal success. She aspires to inspire other transgender individuals across Pakistan to follow in her footsteps. Her message is clear: everyone, regardless of their gender identity, should have the opportunity to earn a respectful living, both within the country and abroad. 

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