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Quetta Traffic Police to Receive New Uniform & equipment

Quetta Traffic Police to Receive New Uniform & equipment


The Quetta Traffic Police officers’ uniforms are set to be revamped by the Balochistan Police, accompanied by the introduction of new equipment. This upgrade aims to enhance the overall performance of the department and improve the traffic management system.

According to Behram Khan Mandokhel, the SSP Traffic Police Quetta, the traffic management system has been integrated with the Internet banking system. This integration enables commuters to conveniently pay penalties instantly, eliminating the need to wait in queues at banks.

Mandokhel also mentioned that the equipment provided to the traffic officers will incorporate cutting-edge technology. This includes a device that enables fines to be paid immediately through various methods such as debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, and other convenient payment options.

Mandokhel further stated that a proposal outlining the construction details of traffic police offices, following the mega center model, has been submitted to higher authorities.

He emphasized that the implementation of new technology and upgrades will enable the department to effectively maintain law and order while efficiently providing public assistance and convenience.

Meanwhile in Lahore, Traffic Police is all set to penalize motorcyclists for not wearing the helmets. City Traffic Police has taken the initiative to prioritize road safety and protect the lives of citizens.

Crack Down on Helmetless Motorcyclists

With the objective of ensuring compliance with traffic laws, the department has taken strict action against those found without proper headgear, resulting in a significant number of challans and seizures in a short span of time.

Over the course of the past nine days, the Lahore traffic police have issued a staggering 152,888 challans to motorcyclists who failed to wear helmets. This proactive approach aims to create awareness among riders and promote responsible behavior on the roads. Additionally, fines have been imposed on 23,767 individuals, and more than 38,000 motorcycles have been seized from various neighborhoods across Lahore.



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