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Rabeeca Khan Surprises Father With Luxury Car

Rabeeca Khan Surprises Father With Luxury Car


In a touching gesture of love and gratitude, Rabeeca Khan, the popular social media influencer, surprised her father, the renowned Pakistani comedian Kashif Khan, with a luxury car. 

Rabeeca Khan, known for her engaging YouTube vlogs and a substantial following of nearly 2 million subscribers, arranged a surprise that would leave her father, Kashif Khan, utterly astonished. The setting for this extraordinary moment was Toyota Eastern Motors.

Rabeeca meticulously planned the surprise, and her YouTube vlogs documented the entire journey. The vlogs reveal her earnest preparations for the big day, focusing on gifting her father a Honda car. She was very meticulous about every detail and wanted the surprise to be perfect. She documented the whole process, and throughout her vlogs, she keeps requesting her followers to say MashaaAllah. 

The Big Reveal by Rabeeca Khan

The day arrived, and Kashif Khan was brought to the venue blindfolded and filled with anticipation. The atmosphere was charged with excitement. Other family members and friends were also present at the occasion. He removed the blindfold with great care, and his eyes met an awe-inspiring sight—a pristine white Honda BR-V. He hugged and kissed his daughter, and the pride in his eyes is quite apparent in the videos.

This heartwarming gesture was more than just a car; it symbolized Rabeeca’s deep love and appreciation for her father’s achievements and the laughter he has brought to countless lives through his comedy.

The bond between a father and daughter is a special one, and Rabeeca’s gift exemplifies the gratitude and affection that transcend material possessions. Rabeeca Khan arranged this gift in collaboration with the CEO of Toyota Eastern Motors, Iqbal Shah. The official Facebook account of Toyota Eastern Motors also posted a complete video of the whole surprise with the caption:

A surprise to father from daughter 🎉 with our CEO Iqbal Shah.

Kashif Khan (actor and winner of Comedy Circus 2007) was gifted a car by his daughter Rabeeca Khan (social media influencer) in a most exciting way 🎉 at Toyota Eastern Motors. 

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