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Rimac Nevera sets 23 world records … in one day!

Rimac Nevera sets 23 world records … in one day!


We have heard about record-setting cars before, the fastest hypercar, the quickest accelerating supercar, the king of the Green Hell, the famous Nurburg Ring in Germany, but a single car that is able to set not one, not two … but 23 world records at once, now that’s something totally new, and it is precisely what the all-electric hypercar from Rimac Automobili managed to do, the Rimac set 23 records while testing on the Papenburg circuit in Germany in late April 2023.

During a test run, the speedometer showed 413 km/h, that’s 256 mph, but that’s not even the most impressive figure … it took the pilot just 21.31 seconds to reach 400 km/h from a standstill, that’s an insane acceleration, we already knew the Rimac Nevera could get to 100 km/h in just 1.82 seconds, but going 300 km/h in just 9.23 seconds is just mindblowing, the standing Mile in a Nevera takes a mere 20.62 seconds, and which time she reaches almost 250 mph (that takes 21.89 seconds by the way)

A full list of all 23 world records the Rimac Nevera managed to set about two weeks ago can be seen in the official Rimac Automobili video below, it is clearly obvious performance of all-electric hypercars will continue to impress us, but is this the only future, or could biofuel bring us more ICE cars … only time will tell, but I sure wouldn’t mind parking a Nevera on my driveway … next to my Lamborghini that is.



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