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Servicing Your Rolls-Royce: A Handy Guide

Servicing Your Rolls-Royce: A Handy Guide


Rolls Royce Service Near Me
In the broadest terms, all cars are the same—but not all cars are made the same.

If you already own a Rolls-Royce, you know precisely what we’re talking about. The one-of-a-kind level of luxury demands extra care and expertise to make sure everything is running correctly. If you’re looking forward to buying your first one, there are a few key things you ought to know before you buy.

Keep reading to find out the best way to care for your bespoke Rolls.

General Rolls-Royce Maintenance

Rolls-Royce motor cars are built to last, with state-of-the-art automotive technology applied to every aspect of the vehicle. Still, no machine is so advanced that it doesn’t need routine scheduled maintenance. Luckily, your local Rolls-Royce service center located at the dealership has everything you could possibly need to keep it in tip-top shape.

Rolls-Royce Oil Changes

Almost any fuel-powered engine requires some sort of lubricant, from lawnmowers to hulking crop harvesters. Your Rolls-Royce is no exception.

Later models make it easy: the digital display in the vehicle will alert the driver when an oil change is due. All you have to do is make an appointment. For more recent Rolls models, technicians will generally use a specially formulated full synthetic oil.

Owners of classic older Rolls models will simply have to do it the old-fashioned way. When your vehicle is brought in for its recommended yearly checkup, your technician will give you clear instructions. The mileage you get out of a single oil change will vary based upon whether a semi-synthetic or conventional oil blend is used.

It’s also worth noting that, because many of our clients don’t drive their Rolls-Royce as much as more common vehicles, we still recommend a regular oil change once a year regardless of miles.

Rolls Royce Tires Near Me

Rolls-Royce Wheel and Tire Service

As sure as the sun will set, eventually, rubber tires will go bald. Rolls-Royce motor cars are performance vehicles, and therefore, the ride can be more demanding on wheels and tires, depending on how the vehicle is driven. Keeping tires properly maintained is essential for peak drivability and safety. All tires sold at our Rolls-Royce tire center have the RR-approved seal of quality, and making sure they’re in good shape will keep other car maintenance prices low.

The most important thing you can do on a day-to-day basis is to make sure that all four of your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s designated pressure. Improper tire pressure leads to uneven wear, which will shorten the overall tire life dramatically. If pressure dips below the onboard computer’s ideal level, it will notify the driver.

Keeping tires properly rotated is also a key factor in motor vehicle servicing. Regularly having your tires rotated when you bring the car in for service will reduce vehicle repair costs, because it allows all four tires to wear at the same rate over time. Generally, we recommend a rotation every 7,500 miles (or roughly every yearly oil change.)

Wheel alignment is another crucial component regarding drive quality. When assessing alignment, RR technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to make sure camber, caster, and toe-in are adjusted within precise factory parameters. Yearly alignment checks are a usual part of a regular Rolls-Royce tune-up, but if you notice that the vehicle has begun to drive differently, you should bring it to a service center immediately to avoid exacerbating any existing damage.

Rolls-Royce Brake Service

When you’re dealing with a beast as powerful as a Rolls, being able to stop the thing when you need to is crucial.

Brake pads are the most commonly replaced braking system component part. Over time, the brake pad wears down and becomes thinner and thinner, sort of like a pencil eraser. It’s recommended that they be replaced when they wear down to a thickness of about .15 inches, or 4 millimeters if you’re across the pond in Europe.

Rolls Royce Brake Pads MiamiCalipers and rotors have to be replaced from time to time as well, though not quite as frequently. Sometimes, instead of being replaced outright, rotors can be resurfaced at a certified service center, which can lessen your overall Rolls-Royce repair cost.

Brake fluid must also be changed at regular intervals; many opt to have it done at their annual service checkup, but brake fluid can have a lifespan of around three years if the car isn’t heavily driven.

Rolls-Royce Transmission Service

Transmission issues usually only present in older vehicles approaching 100,000 miles or so, but that doesn’t mean the system doesn’t require some preventative maintenance.

A Rolls-Royce transmission is one of the most complex components of the entire vehicle, with myriad moving parts that transfer engine output into motion. The good news is that your local Rolls-Royce service department intimately understands the inner workings of the engine, and if you experience any gear slippage or stalling, they’ll get to the bottom of it.

The best thing you can do to prevent any issues in your own Rolls auto is to make sure that your transmission fluid is exchanged at a regular interval. Much like engine oil, transmission fluid is specially formulated to make sure that all of those moving parts are properly lubricated.

General estimates propose that transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 miles with regular use. But, again, we have to reiterate that fluids degrade over time, and if you don’t drive your Rolls all that often, it could take you over a decade to reach 30k. Having your fluids checked yearly is all-important. And, as always, car maintenance cost by model varies, so be sure to consult your owner’s manual.

Braman Miami Rolls-Royce Service FAQs

Any other questions? Braman has the answer!

Is There a Warranty on Parts?

Rolls-Royce parts and labor are covered by a 2-year factory warranty.

Should I Make an Appointment for Rolls-Royce Repair?

If you have scheduled maintenance due, making an appointment over the phone or scheduling service online is the quickest way to get in and out without a fuss.

Do I Have to Drive my Rolls-Royce to the Shop for Maintenance?

Nope! If you live within a certain radius of our Miami Rolls-Royce mechanics, we’ll pick your vehicle up right from your home and deliver it back to your driveway, free of charge.

Where Should I Take My Rolls-Royce After a Collision?

If the worst happens and your Rolls gets dinged up, fret not. Many RR dealerships have collision centers, which can perform paintless dent removal, windshield repair, frame repair, rust prevention, and storm damage repair. At Braman, we work with most insurance companies to ensure the best outcome for our guests.

Can I Take My Rolls-Royce to Another Mechanic?

We absolutely do not recommend it. It can be tempting to cut your Rolls-Royce maintenance costs by having basic routine work done at a cheaper mechanic, but our certified RR techs and OEM parts will undoubtedly yield you the best results long term.

Not only that, but if you are enrolled in the Rolls-Royce Service Inclusive program, having your Rolls-Royce worked on by a non-certified technician can automatically void the program. Because of our motor cars’ bespoke factory customization and tuning, RRSI stipulates that any aftermarket performance enhancements will result in immediate program termination.

Are You Due for Rolls-Royce Car Services and Repairs?

Don’t delay—simply type “Rolls-Royce service near me” into your internet search engine, and no matter where you bought your Rolls from, you’ll be able to make use of our luxurious customer lounges and loaner vehicles nationwide.

If you’re located in Greater Miami, Braman Rolls-Royce services Hialeah, Fontainebleau, Coral Gables, Miami Beach, and more. Give us a call at (786) 577-5217, or schedule service with just a few clicks on our website.



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