Home Classic Cars Step into the Heartbeat of Classic Automobiles at NEC Birmingham

Step into the Heartbeat of Classic Automobiles at NEC Birmingham

Step into the Heartbeat of Classic Automobiles at NEC Birmingham


Rev up your engines and mark your calendars because from the 10th to the 12th of November, Birmingham’s NEC will echo with the roar of classic engines and a wealth of motoring knowledge from a collection of experts. The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is back, and this year, it’s not just about showcasing vintage beauties; it’s about diving deep into the motoring universe through the all-new ‘Meet the Experts’ Theatre.

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Knowledge Unleashed: From Classics to Tomorrow’s Tech

This year’s show will offer visitors more motoring knowledge than ever before with the new ‘Meet the Experts’ Theatre. They’ll be covering it all – from classic motoring novices finding their way under the hood, to unleashing the true potential of your vintage ride on the race track. Ever debated restoration versus modification? Get ready for a thrilling discussion that will fuel your automotive passion.

Shaping the Future of Motoring: Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow

The discussions won’t stop at carburettors and spark plugs. The show’s learned experts will be delving into the future and collaborations of the classic car community. Worried about the skills shortage? Curious about alternative fuels? Concerned about preserving our motoring heritage? All of your questions will be answered, straight from the industry’s most respected voices.

Igniting Passion in the Next Generation

This year’s show is on a mission to spark the motoring flame in the hearts of the next generation. If you’ve been wondering how to lure the youngsters into the world of classic cars, relax. Our experts have ingenious ideas that will make every vintage vehicle as enticing as the latest smartphone.

Motoring Experts

Meet the Masters: Your Guides in this Automotive Extravaganza

Hosting this motoring pageant are none other than Wheeler Dealers’ maestro Mike Brewer and the YouTube sensation, ‘Auto Alex’ Kersten. They’re not alone; they’re joined by a brigade of TV personalities, YouTube stars, and esteemed motoring journalists.

Star-Studded Spectacle: Interviews and 20 Years of Motoring Magic

Hold your breath for exclusive interviews with legends like World Trials Championship hero Dougie Lampkin and the stars of the sensational new movie ‘Classic’. Plus, Mike Brewer will be celebrating his remarkable 20-year journey of ‘Wheeler Dealers’. Prepare to hear him spills the beans, sharing behind-the-scenes tales and personal triumphs from his extensive car history. Along with his talented crew, they’ll be revealing their highlights, offering a peek into the heart of their motoring adventures. His team of mechanics include Ant Anstead, Edd China, and Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestly, who have worked their restoration magic on 218 motors over the last two decades.

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is set to be an unforgettable ride, and we want you to be there so much that we’re giving away pairs of tickets here. From Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November 2023, the NEC Birmingham will echo with the passion of motoring enthusiasts like you, all gathered to celebrate the past, present, and future of classic cars. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this legendary motoring fiesta.



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