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Suneel Ki Ex Mini Cooper S – Owner Review

Suneel Ki Ex Mini Cooper S – Owner Review


Today’s owner review features the highly appreciated Mini Cooper S (supercharged). It would not be wrong to call it Suneel’s EX, as he was the previous owner of this car. This is the 2006 model. Let’s dive into the review without further delays and inquire about the owner’s experience.


The owner bought this car for Rs 3.3 million around 1.5 years ago. However, the car’s current value has risen due to multi-layer modification. Surprisingly, the upgrade cost was only around Rs 500,000, which is nothing compared to the installed changes in this imported vehicle.

Modifications and Features

The owner has installed the aero kit, engine upgrades producing 273hp, Scorpio headers, Hornet exhaust system, 0% crank pulley, LED taillights, Teflon coated supercharger, and John Cooper Works’ intercooler. More exciting features of the Mini Cooper S are 6-way auto transmission, paddle shifters, launch control, and distinct driving modes. The owner has customized his Mini Cooper S to perform in three different modes, producing 170hp, 230hp, and 273hp. It took around 4 to 4.5 months to complete the modification project.

Parts Availability and Maintenance Cost

Genuine parts are challenging to source in Pakistan, so the owner imports everything from the UK. Furthermore, oil replacement costs the owner about Rs 10,000 to 11,000.

Missing Features

Though the owner is delighted with his choice, he wishes the suspension to be slightly heightened to increase utility.

Fuel Average

The Mini Cooper S gave its owner an average of 13.8 km/l on long routes and 11 km/l within the city. These numbers are for the normal mode pre-upgrade. Post upgrades, the within city has lowered to 9.8-10km/l and 12km/l for long routes. These numbers indicate that the Mini Cooper S proves to be a fuel-efficient option that still carries the flare of a track car.

What are your thoughts about the Mini Cooper S? Comment below and let us know.

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