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Tesla Model X 100D’s Range is 560KM/Charge – Shahveer Jaffery

Tesla Model X 100D’s Range is 560KM/Charge – Shahveer Jaffery


Today’s review features Shahveer Jaffery and the Tesla Model X 100D. The Model X is an electric mid-sized crossover SUV introduced by Tesla in 2015. Join us as we discuss the Model X and its feasibility in Pakistan.


Tesla is no less than any software. This statement means that you can control your car from your smart devices. “Tesla also sends me notifications if the trunk is left open by my brother, who’s in Canada,” revealed Shahveer. The Model X supports a phone key, a key card, and a key fob.

An exciting fact is that the gears and side controls have been incorporated from Mercedes. Different modes include the chill mode, standard mode, and sports mode. Moreover, the car offers eight cameras, 12 sensors, keyless entry, falcon wing doors, and auto headlight dimming.

Difference from a Gasoline Car

“The biggest difference is the pickup,” Shahveer replies when asked about the differences felt compared to a gasoline car. Unlike a gasoline car, the pick is instant since no combustion delay is present.


The Model X also comes with a complete autopilot system. This system is highlighted in independent lane changes, highway exits, entry, etc. Though a pleasant and untroubling experience in Canada, autopilot is most likely to fail in Pakistan, where the infrastructure and traffic sensibility have yet to meet the system’s criteria.

The Model X has a third-level autonomous driving system, which means that the driver needs to perform no driving techniques as the car takes over every dynamic. So much so that the Tesla Model X has a feature known as the summon feature, where you may call the car to pick you up from a short distance.


According to Shahveer Jaffery, Tesla Model X 100D offers an extensive range of around 560 kilometers per charge.

Feasibility Issues

An issue faced by Tesla users in Pakistan is the extreme emergency braking maneuver by the car if an object appears out of nowhere. This can prove harmful to the traffic behind the vehicle. Furthermore, the range anxiety kicks in due to the lack of proper charging networks for electric cars. A significant issue here is the need for an uninterrupted electric supply in the first place. For an electric vehicle to function, the electricity supply is primal.  

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