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Thank You Lahore For Making Car Mela a Success

Thank You Lahore For Making Car Mela a Success


PakWheels Lahore Car Mela was held at Expo Center this Sunday and not so surprisingly, the people of Lahore made it a huge success like previous years. Thousands of people attended the event including sellers and buyers along with a large number of dealers. The people thronged the event to check the cars of their choices as buyers were looking for their new purchase, while sellers had a great opportunity of selling their vehicles on the spot without any hassle.

Car Mela’s Details 

Furthermore, top car companies of Pakistan were also part of the event including Changan and Toyota, who had a great time there and they got the opportunity to show their cars to the consumers directly and answer their questions about their products.

One of the most interesting aspect of the mega event was presence of interesting vehicles, i.e., Beetle, 80s Land Cruiser and a modified Willy’s jeep.

According to details, dozens of cars were sold and bought on the spot and those buyers and sellers used PakWheels Inspection Service to know about the health of the car. PakWheels Car Care Products were also a hit, as usual, among the PakWheelers as they inquired about them and hundreds of them bought them for their vehicles. So, once again Lahore, Thank you so much for making the event a huge success and we will see you again soon.

Stay tune to PakWheels blog to know about the upcoming car melas and auto shows by PakWheels across the country, where the car lovers like you can have a time of their lives.



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