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The Aston Martin Valour Is A 705-Horsepower Stick-Shift Salute To The ’70s

The Aston Martin Valour Is A 705-Horsepower Stick-Shift Salute To The ’70s


Have you ever had that funny feeling like you’ve seen a brand new car before? This is the Aston Martin Valour and it’s conceptually nigh-on identical to the Victor from 2020, but different in execution. While the Victor was a One-77-based naturally-aspirated wailer, the Valour is a three-pedal throwback with a force-fed V12. Intrigued?

Aston Martin Valour Shifter

Yes, the Aston martin Valour uses the same 5.2-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine as the outgoing V12 Vantage, only with the wick turned up to 705 horsepower and 755 lb.-ft. of torque. Pretty nuts, right. Best of all, the entire fury of the V12 is harnessed by a six-speed manual gearbox.

Aston Martin Valour Wheel And Brake

As expected for a supercar, the Valour gets carbon ceramic brakes, although the front discs are properly enormous. Aston Martin claims sizing of 410 mm by 38 mm, and if we convert that to freedom units, we end up with 16.1 inches in diameter by 1.5 inches thick. Chunky. Mind you, as with any braking system, the real limit in the real world will be tires, so Aston Martin shod this thing with uniquely formulated Michelin Pilot Sport S 5 tires. Expect them to be everywhere in the aftermarket soon.

Aston Martin Valour Rear Overhead

Although Aston Martin has tried damn hard to impose a ’70s physique on the Valour, its modern roots shine through. From the kick of the greenhouse to the silhouette of the slotted rear window, it’s hard to escape the Vantage hiding within. Valour, Vantage, Victor, when will Aston run out of V-names? On a long enough timeline, will we eventually see the introduction of the Aston Martin Vestibule?

Aston Martin Valour Front Overhead

While the old-school ‘70s-inspired form of the Valour isn’t anything new, the production volume is. Unlike the one-off Victor, the Valour will find 110 lucky homes, such is the expected production run. Tiny volume, but you have to be a particular sort of person to plunk down some dosh on this sort of nostalgia trip.

Aston Martin Valour Rear


Oh, and coming in hot after the nostalgia is a distinct sense of excess. Exhaust tips? Three of them, made from ultra-thin stainless steel. Gear knob? Will that be aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, or walnut? Bored of leather? How about tweed? This low-volume supercar couldn’t be more British if it was personally endorsed by King Charles.

Aston Martin Valour Shifter And Dash

Of course, Aston Martin isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel here, but that’s okay. A heritage play is exactly what 2023 calls for. Mind you, not every heritage-evoking part of this special feels so brilliant. Despite the new DB12 coming with a slick in-house infotainment system with all-new buttons, the Valour still uses ancient Mercedes stuff that you can probably upgrade through AliExpress. I get that classic British performance cars often used a hodgepodge of switchgear, but it feels like we’re beyond that in 2023.

Aston Martin Valour Front Close Up

Still, do you really need infotainment when you have three pedals and six gears that you shift yourself? I don’t care about the monstrous horsepower, the throwback looks, or the wild interior choices as much as I care about how Aston Martin seems to be focusing on engagement. In a world where everything’s ballistic, numbers don’t really matter. As long as your performance car won’t end up as a grille badge for a Toyota Highlander, how a performance car makes you feel matters more than anything. Best of all, it should start arriving in customers’ garages really soon. Production is scheduled for the third quarter, with deliveries in the fourth. How’s that for a Christmas gift?

(Photo credits: Aston Martin)

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