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The Autopian Community Helping David’s Cat And Also Helping Making 10mm Sockets Disappear: COTD

The Autopian Community Helping David’s Cat And Also Helping Making 10mm Sockets Disappear: COTD


Earlier today, David gave us an update on the family of oh-so adorable kittens born in his 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee five-speed “Holy Grail.” Remember, this cat saga started with David attempting a cat delete from this Jeep, now he’s taking care of these lovable animals. Oh yeah, there was an opossum involved, too.

Sadly, poor Mango has a broken axle, as revealed when David took the cat to the animal emergency room:

Poor kitty!

If you didn’t read that story, here’s the important bit:

As you can see fairly clearly in two of the images, Mango’s femur (that upper leg bone) has been cracked in two places. I’m not even entirely sure what’s holding that middle piece in place.

Amazingly, Mango hasn’t meowed at all. She’s totally calm; a classy lady-cat. The doctor wondered what had happened. We’d never noticed any kind of fall or incident that might have hurt Mango. “This would have been a traumatic event,” the doctor assured us when we wondered if we had somehow hurt Mango while pulling her out from behind a toilet. “Trust me, she’d have cried.” We concluded that Mango had been injured when we’d trapped her in the Galpin Media parking lot.

The doctor suggested we go to another animal hospital to get a second opinion. For now, she prescribed opioids to relieve any pain Mango may be feeling (and presumably to calm her down and keep her from hurting herself); the doctor’s professional opinion is that Mango’s leg will probably heal so long the kitten doesn’t re-aggravate the issue. As such, my friend and I have been instructed to keep the kitten in a small play-pen so she doesn’t try to run or do anything else that might place stress on that leg. So that’s where things sit right now; Mango is in this little pen.

At the end of the animal mechanic visit, David learned that taking a pet to an emergency vet is not cheap. David may have paid just $450 for the Holy Grail Jeep that apparently Holy Grail kitten was born in, but that one vet visit hit to the tune of $1,105 and change. I feel for you, David. Back in 2013, I had to take my Jenday conure to an emergency vet because he was spitting out mucus and wasn’t all that happy. It cost $700 to find out that he had the bird equivalent of a cold, a bird cold he got over a few weeks later.

That brings us to today’s COTD. Thad Thompson gets the COTD nom, plus a digital hug (and a real one should we ever cross paths) for setting up a GoFundMe for little Mango.

Okay MoFos, let’s add some coin to our kind words.

Go Fund Me for David’s Kittens

[Ed Note: First, thank you! Second, to be clear: I plan to keep Mango and Jaws, and adopt-out Jay (now named Nutmeg) and the other kitten if I can catch it. Then I plan to Trap-Neuter-Return the rest of the colony to keep things from getting out of hand.)

It’s already up to $495 of its $2,500 goal. Click here to donate. That boost should help the kitty get that axle all JBWelded up and then some. You readers are simply incredible!

If you want a laugh, UnseenCat gets an honorable mention:

Sometime in the future:
“Hand me the 10mm, Mango!”

Mango, sitting on the workbench, looks at the 10mm socket resting there. She makes firm, deliberate eye contact with David. And slowly, deliberately, pushes it off the workbench. Whereupon, like all 10mm sockets, it strikes the ground and vanishes into that alternate dimension where all 10mm sockets go. (Right next to one with all the socks that go AWOL from the dryer…)

All of you rock! Dare I say, this is one of the best car communities on the internet and it wouldn’t have been possible without the big-hearted folks like you. Thank you and have a great evening!



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