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The Koenigsegg Gemera Will Get A 2,300-HP V8

The Koenigsegg Gemera Will Get A 2,300-HP V8


Koenigsegg Gemera

Photo: Koenigsegg

Back in 2020, Koenigsegg announced the Gemera, a four-seat grand tourer with “Koenigsegg Automated Twisted Synchrohelix Actuation Doors” that Koenigsegg called a “Mega-GT.” It used a twin-turbocharged 2.0-liter three-cylinder engine that made 600 hp, and when combined with the three electric motors, the Gemera made a claimed 1,700 hp. Because what family of four doesn’t want to launch themselves to 60 mph in less than two seconds?

Like pretty much everything Koenigsegg builds, the Gemera is the kind of car that sounds like it should only exist in a video game but somehow ends up actually working in the real world. But if you looked at the specs and thought to yourself, “Actually, that doesn’t seem like enough power,” we have some good news for you.

According to the Egg Registry (a real website about Koenigsegg, not an artificial insemination company), at the ceremony celebrating the opening of the factory that will build the Gemera, Koenigsegg announced that it will also be offered with a V8 from the Jesko that brings power up to a combined total of 2,300 hp and 2,028 lb-ft of torque.

Upgrading from the inline-three to the V8 will cost you a pretty penny, though. It’s reportedly a $400,000 option. But you also get Koenigsegg’s trick nine-speed Light Speed Transmission, so that’s pretty neat. Besides, if you’re buying a Koenigsegg, what’s another $400,000 anyway?

Can you imagine how disappointed your kids will be if they find out they could have been riding in the back seat of a 2,300-hp car the whole time, and yet you insisted on cheaping out and only got the 1,700-hp version? With a three-cylinder? Once they get access to their trust funds, good luck getting them to ever talk to you again.



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