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The Legendary ‘MacGruber’ Mazda Miata Is Up For Auction, So It’s Time To Find Out What Provenance Does To A Car’s Value

The Legendary ‘MacGruber’ Mazda Miata Is Up For Auction, So It’s Time To Find Out What Provenance Does To A Car’s Value


Do you have a penchant for comedy films? Are you a fan of feeling the wind through your hair? Did you just do an upper-decker in the master bathroom? If you’ve answered yes, hold onto your genitalia, because Will Forte is auctioning off the one and only MacGruber Mazda Miata.

Welcome back to Gavel Gazing, our daily series where we show all of you what online car auctions have piqued our interest. Yesterday’s 1980 MGB Limited Edition ended up just being out of gas according to the seller, yet still hammered for a reasonable $6,000. That’s both well-bought and well-sold.

Vidframe Min Top

Vidframe Min Bottom

Over a total lifespan of more than 30 years and various names from Eunos Roadster to Miata to MX-5, Mazda’s little ragtop has gone from an affordable sports car to the definitive affordable sports car. It’s outlasted every other roadster that’s tried to go toe-to-toe with it, weathered economic downturns, corporate divorces, generational shifts, and entire car companies. While I admittedly don’t quite mesh with anything older than the ND2, I have massive respect for Mazda keeping the fun in driving. From spec racing to autocross, these cars play a headlining role in keeping entry-level motorsport alive.

Macgruber Miata 1

This particular Miata hasn’t won any races, but it did play a supporting role in a little film called “MacGruber,” with Will Forte’s titular and entirely ridiculous special agent character using it as his chariot of choice. Crazier still, guess who currently owns the Miata? That’s right, it’s Will Forte, who is currently auctioning it off in support of The Pangea Project, a charity aiming to help close the education gap in Kenya and America. Hollywood’s tough on cars, but this Miata’s been living a relatively quiet life for the past 14 years or so. As Will Forte notes,

Back in 2009, after we shot the MacGruber movie, the production said they were gonna sell the car, so I bought it. I parked it in my garage and it sat there until we used it again in the MacGruber TV series. After that, it sat on the lot for a few years until I picked it up about a month ago and parked it back in the garage.

Alright, so it was used hard, but at least it was put away dry. That’s probably a good thing because the plastic rear window is separating, meaning I wouldn’t count on this Miata being water-tight. Then again, what old Miata is? In addition, Forte notes that “The interior has seen better days — mainly a few tears in the seats, most likely from excessive farting.” Taco Bell is a helluva drug, kids.

Macgruber Miata 2

The MacGruber Miata has a few things going for it besides provenance, being that it’s a manual 1.8-liter car. Sure, it may have 145,384 miles on the clock, but it’s a Mazda — it’s just barely broken-in. These engines certainly don’t hold the same reputation as MacGruber’s C-4, so expect many happy miles to come. Oh, and it’s an M Edition that’s been repainted red, so it gets all sorts of goodies from lightweight five-spoke alloy wheels to a Torsen diff. As for the writing on the Miata, that’s a spoiler for the MacGruber TV series, released on Peacock in 2021. Forte claims the writing should come off with a quick wash, but I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if a little compounding and polishing is necessary to truly remove any traces.

Unsurprisingly for a charity auction, this car also comes with tiered perks depending on where the bidding lands. From the description:

In the unlikely event that this car goes for over $15,000, I will give you a page from the KFBR392 notebook of my choosing.

In the unlikelier event that it goes for over $30,000, I will give you a page from the KFBR392 notebook of YOUR choosing.

In the unlikeliest event that this goes for over $50,000, I will personally deliver the car to you anywhere in the lower 48 and take you out to dinner. (or if you prefer, fly you out to LA for dinner so you can pick up the car yourself).

And I’m crazy for even writing this because it will not get up this high, but if this car goes for over $100,000, I will fly you and a friend out to Albuquerque where we shot the MacGruber movie and TV series and spend the whole day giving you my own personal MacGruber tour. I’ll even bring the original MacGruber costume and wig for you to try on. Heck, wear it the whole day if you want!

You’re right, Will. I don’t think the top of the Miata market sits anywhere near $100,000. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if that $15,000 threshold is reached.

At the time of writing, the auction won’t wrap up until Sunday, Oct. 22, but the high bid already sits at $13,000. Oh, and if you’re the winning bidder and can’t drive stick, Will Forte will personally teach you. Imagine learning to drive manual with Will Forte giving instructions from the passenger seat. Life doesn’t get much more surreal than that.

(Photo credits: GiveButter Auction)

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