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The new McLaren from MSO, the 750S Spectrum Theme

The new McLaren from MSO, the 750S Spectrum Theme


McLaren Automotive announces that the Spectrum Theme – a stunning new multi-tone paint finish developed and applied by world-class paint technicians at McLaren Special Operations (MSO), McLaren’s in-house bespoke personalization service – will be offered exclusively on the new 750S, McLaren’s lightest and most powerful series-production supercar.

Perfecting the Spectrum Theme required the development of new techniques that introduce a new generation of McLaren paint specialism, offering customers something truly unique and ground-breaking.

More technical than anything MSO has developed before, Spectrum Theme shares its philosophy with the far-reaching technical changes introduced on 750S. Separate shades of color create a tonal shift defined by precision craftsmanship; to the naked eye, the close bunching of colors produces an illusion of light to dark within each stripe, giving a sense of speed and acceleration, even when the 750S is stationary.

“The Spectrum Theme takes what we can do at McLaren to the next level. A huge degree of attention and accuracy is required to ensure the lines of the Spectrum are completely sympathetic to the surface of the 750S’s incredible bodywork, and the new techniques we’ve developed to achieve this are a perfect match for the 750’s wide-ranging technical advances. The increasing complexity of what we can offer to customers, through themes like Spectrum, is testament to the incredible experience and expertise of our paint technicians at MSO.” Michael McDonagh, Director, McLaren Special Operations

Spectrum is presented in three variants – Spectrum Blue, Spectrum Grey, and Spectrum Orange – with the colorways able to be combined with further MSO bespoke personalization, including vibrantly colored leather trim, a bespoke dedication plaque, and extended visual carbon fiber door sills that feature hand-painted Spectrum graded effect MSO logos.

The Blue, Grey, and Orange themes are only the beginning; Spectrum can also be specified in unique colorways, designed and delivered by MSO. The shades in the color spectrum require the formulation of new paints that blend just the right amount of light and dark tones to create a coherent shift in color. There is no fixed formula, instead, every Spectrum Theme demands bespoke mixes of these blends to achieve the desired outcome.

Considering the shut lines and intricate aerodynamic sculpting of the dihedral doors was a challenge for the MSO technicians placing the Spectrum lines. At the rear of the car, Spectrum Theme incorporates a visual acknowledgment of the popular Velocity Theme also offered by MSO. The seventh paint shade is not a solid stripe, but a gentle Velocity fade that wraps around the back of the 750S. The Blue theme grades from Spectrum Blue to Metallic Aurora Blue, the Orange theme begins with Spectrum Orange and builds to a rich potent Gamma Red Metallic, and the Grey variant shifts from Spectrum Grey to Metallic Meteorite Grey. And as a final flourish, the underside of the Active Rear Wing of the 750S can be finished in a contrasting color.



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