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The real Shelby Cobra is now also available in the UK as a turnkey

The real Shelby Cobra is now also available in the UK as a turnkey


For the first time in almost 60 years, the new CSX10000 Shelby Cobras will be available as turnkey cars in the United Kingdom. This latest evolution of the famed roadster combines the world championship pedigree of the 1962-1967 Shelby Cobra with a host of contemporary refinements including a new Ford Coyote V8 engine that can be supercharged to 700 horsepower. Initially, the new Shelby Cobra CSX10000 will be available exclusively in the United Kingdom, through officially-licensed specialist retailer Clive Sutton.

The Shelby Cobra was originally introduced at the New York Auto Show in 1962, with an updated version featuring a computer-developed chassis and a big block Ford engine in 1965. Now, through an agreement with Shelby, Clive Sutton will be the first to offer a complete, turnkey Shelby Cobra in its latest form to UK buyers. This landmark celebrates the famous roadster’s triumphant UK return. The CSX10000 series cars sport the famous Shelby Cobra silhouette and incorporate the 5.0-litre Coyote V8 engine shared by the latest Ford Mustang; the naturally aspirated, fuel-injected engine produces 460 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque mated to a 6-speed Tremec manual transmission.

Specially designed 18-inch wheels resemble the original 15-inch Cobra wheels and feature Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires, 335/30ZR18 rear and 275/35ZR18 front. Power steering and Wilwood power-assisted 4-pot front brake calipers complete the modern take on Shelby’s original 60s Cobra. The sports car is available in right- and left-hand drive.

Buyers seeking ultimate performance can request the Shelby Cobra as a thrilling supercharged version, a combination that results in a power output of 700hp @ 5,000rpm with 550b-ft of torque at 5,800rpm. The upgrade sees a Whipple twin-screw 3.0-litre supercharger added to the car resulting in power and performance that honours the original, exhilarating Shelby Cobra of the 1960s.

Inside the cockpit, the new car celebrates the first-generation Shelby Cobra by including faithfully recreated dials and gauges. Elsewhere, the interior is luxuriously upholstered with a diamond-stitched leather interior and the option for customers to specify a variety of colors and stitching that complement the iconic styling.

M. Neil Cummings, CEO of Carroll Shelby Licencing: “Our founder, Carroll Shelby would be impressed with this latest evolution of his original Cobra that he first created in 1962 after he won Le Mans as a driver in 1959, then turned to his dream of designing and building his own special world-beating sports car. He retired as a Le Mans-winning driver due to a heart condition that required him to pop nitro-glycerine tablets to keep his heart going to the finish line.

“Bringing this Shelby turnkey car to the UK with our retailer Clive Sutton is a special moment for Shelby. It’s a fitting reminder to the world that Shelby is the original, genuine designer, builder, and Manufacturer of Record for the Shelby Cobra, which won the 1965 FIA World Manufacturers’ Championship while beating Ferrari for the first time in the FIA GT class.” 

Officially recognized by Shelby as a distinct new model, each Cobra CSX10000 will be recorded in the Shelby Cobra Registry, which enables owners and buyers to distinguish genuine Cobras from replicas. This recognition adds status and provides a foundation for providence, while also helping to preserve investment values.

Clive Sutton, founder and CEO: “It is an immense honor to be the first market globally to receive the Shelby Cobra CSX10000. As an officially recognized and licensed Shelby Cobra, the car will provide a strong investment opportunity alongside its spine-tingling performance and retro styling.”

This year is a special time to open the order books on the newest generation of Shelby Cobra as 2023 marks 100 years since performance motoring icon Carroll Shelby was born. The new version complements Shelby’s continuation Cobras – the CSX6000 – which are built to original 1960s specifications with period-correct features including the iconic big block V8 engines.

As the UK’s only official distributor for Shelby products, Clive Sutton is now taking orders for the 2024 Cobra CSX10000 with prices starting from £195,000. The UK is the first market to receive the new model, with the US and other global markets set to follow in due course.

Clive Sutton secured the exclusive rights to the global preview of the new model following a successful legal challenge associated with its use of the Shelby Cobra brand. In partnership with Shelby American and Superformance, the Sutton team successfully defended its claim over AC Cars, which recognizes Shelby’s heritage in establishing the Cobra brand and enables Sutton’s unrestricted use of the brand name, plus full UK sales of the Shelby Cobra.



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