Home DeTomaso Pantera The Wonderful Story of Alberto and his Fiat 500C Topolino Belvedere! – DD Classics: Classic Car Blog

The Wonderful Story of Alberto and his Fiat 500C Topolino Belvedere! – DD Classics: Classic Car Blog

The Wonderful Story of Alberto and his Fiat 500C Topolino Belvedere! – DD Classics: Classic Car Blog


10 years ago Alberto Valstrona had just celebrated his 75th birthday, and as a real Italian was of course accompanied by his whole family! Living in the beautiful village of Omegna, they had a great picnic that afternoon at the nearby Lake d’Orta. It was there that the memories of the good old days came flooding back to him. Being a car enthusiast he wanted to work at a project which proves his technical skills and not spend his days resting amongst the olive trees.

Alberto had nice memories of the Fiat Topolino Belvedère which he owned years ago. Driving slowly around the lake with Sofia tightly next to him. Despite himself but especially Sofia has grown a few inches wider over the years and the in their minds large Topolino now seemed a lot smaller. Still, Alberto thought a restoration object was a fine way of spending his days off. Sofia thought it was a good plan and sons Giuseppe and Salvatore would if necessary, assist their father if help was needed. So in whole northern Italy he looked around for the perfect Belvedere to restore. After rejecting several cars, in a came a grey car from the year 1954, and the restoration could begin.


The Fiat was solid, complete and very original, a great starting point to be able to make a wonderful restoration. He did not take any risks and spent many hours on the tiny Topolino. Alberto decided not to over-restore the car, but bring it back in it’s original level, just as it seems the Fiat was just driven out of the factory. The under carriage has been in the hands of a restorer who gave all details extraordinary attention. Each part of this Fiat Topolino was judged, and treated with care by Alberto with his high quality requirements. Personally, we think the nice classic two-tone grey body colour and brown interior a perfect combination.


After more than two years, the car was ready and Sofia was invited to enjoy the lake as they had done so many times. And indeed … the seats were still good but seemed to be a little tighter … It did not spoil the fun. In the following years regular tours were made, but of course only with good weather and an open roof.


The feeling while driving is maybe only understood by the real enthusiast. Despite its small size and low power the Topolino gives a feeling of freedom and enjoyment, which is further enhanced by the full open roof. Space for children, dog and picnic basket is sufficient. In terms of investment, it is also positive and especially when considering that a restoration done at the same quality level as this car is offering, will cost much more money than our asking price. It is important to know that the Fiat drove only 2500 km car after its extensive restoration.

We know that there are cheaper Belvedères on the market, but better? We dare to doubt it. Do you really want value for money, something fun and super original? Then this Fiat Topolino 500C Belvedere has certainly have to come to your attention.

For the fans of the famous Mille Miglia: the car is eligible for this great Italian event and the cheapest possibility to take part!

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