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Toyota Working On a Corolla-Based Pickup Truck

Toyota Working On a Corolla-Based Pickup Truck


Toyota has unleashed a bombshell in the world of wheels, paving the way for an astounding addition to their US lineup. The alluring idea of a unibody vehicle based on the Toyota Corolla – a Corolla-based pickup – is now in the works. Even though this exciting potential won’t hit the streets until 2027, the sheer possibility of a small pickup truck deriving from the legendary Corolla bloodline has aroused interest.

Picture this: a compact pickup installed under the tough shadow of the midsize Tacoma. This new addition will compete with the acclaimed Ford Maverick and the distinctive Hyundai Santa Cruz in the U.S. As the keystone of Toyota’s innovation, this potential addition strives to redefine the compact pickup segment. 

A Photoshop Fantasy

In a remarkable twist of creativity, an independent artist ignited the automotive world’s imagination shortly after Toyota unveiled the Corolla Cross in June 2020. Armed with Photoshop wizardry, they transformed the compact crossover into a daring hypothetical pickup, a vision that seemed confined to the realms of fantasy. However, in August 2023, an intriguing report from a source hints that this imaginative creation might step off the artist’s canvas and onto the roads. The buzz has spread like wildfire, and Automotive News holds the scoop: Toyota is quietly toying with the idea of a small pickup born from the illustrious Corolla family.Corolla-Based Pickup

From Sketches to Reality

While the news is exciting, it’s important to note that this idea is still a concept. Automotive News unveils the inside scoop, revealing that while the wheels are turning, the project is far from a finalized masterpiece. The report is optimistic about a Corolla-based pickup being a possibility, but its appearance is a work in progress. Even if this creation gets the green light, Automotive News forecasts a patient wait until 2027 before the compact ute graces the showroom floors.

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