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Traffic Plan Amid Political Party Jalsa In Lahore

Traffic Plan Amid Political Party Jalsa In Lahore


After one of the country’s biggest political party PMLN supremo return date almost here, in a show of solidarity and support, the party has organized a grand Jalsa (public gathering) at Minar e Pakistan, and preparations are in full swing.

To ensure the smooth flow of the event and manage the influx of party members and supporters, the traffic police have released an advisory plan. Greater Iqbal Park and its surroundings will witness increased personnel for traffic control, with over 1500 wardens deployed under the supervision of divisional officers.

The Plan

For the convenience of attendees, 16 designated parking points have been established, with three drop-off lanes allocated for participants arriving in larger vehicles. The Lahore City Traffic Police has appealed for cooperation from participants to facilitate a seamless traffic flow.

Special arrangements have been made for the arrival of participants from different routes. Those arriving from GT Road via Lahore City will travel from Mureedke G.T. Road to Kala Shah Kaku and reach the Jalsa Gah (gathering place).

Meanwhile the participants coming from Faisalabad Motorway will take the Sargodha Road to reach the Jalsa Gah via Niazi Chowk. Similarly, those arriving from Multan Road will use the Motorway Babu Sabu to reach the Jalsa Gah via Band Road Niazi Chowk.

The route from Qasoor Ferozepur Road and Mall Road will lead participants to the Jalsa Gah via Kutchery Chowk Datta Darbar. Cars coming from Kutchery Chowk will park on Saggian Rang Road, and those from Niazi Chowk will park on Rang Road.

The advisory emphasizes the clearance of routes for ambulances and emergency vehicles at all times. Additionally, various parking points, including Timber Market to Niazi Chowk and Jungleat Department and Lari Adda Bus Stand, will be utilized for effective management.

With meticulous planning and coordination, the PMLN is gearing up for a monumental gathering to welcome Nawaz Sharif, and the city is abuzz with anticipation for this historic event at Minar e Pakistan.



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