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Transform Your Porsche 911 964: Interior Parts & Upgrades

Transform Your Porsche 911 964: Interior Parts & Upgrades


By Tom on Monday, September 11, 2023

The Porsche 911 and 964 share a long lineage and the contemporary 911 driver can now emulate the car it would become – the 964 – by choosing the right replacement parts and upgrades. Take a look.

The period 1988–1994 saw an interesting change in Porsche mentality and marketing. After 16 years, the third-generation incarnation of the Porsche 911 was a bumper-to-bumper modernisation of this iconic roadster.

Only a fool changes a winning formula, so the new 911 was superficially similar at first glance – the none-more-Porsche front end being the exception. But it was beneath the paint where the magic happened.

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Go your own way…

Today, thanks to Design 911, the Porsche owner can give their 911 that 964 feel with tactical upgrades, all available from your dedicated Porsche parts supplier. Let’s take a look at what you can do thanks to Porsche 911 design inspiration – and solid supply lines for 911 Design!

Are you sitting comfortably? Fit Recaro seats – either race-ready polymer shells or something more stylish from the classic range – and you’ll get a great feel for the road, without compromising on looks.

Porsche are all about the little details that add to a greater whole, so if you’re happy with your ride consider embellishing your current setup with appropriate front seat belts, or give tired seats a lift with replacement parts.

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Turn and burn…

Feeling the contact between road and roadster is massive to Porsche drivers, so optimise the experience. Choose a slick black leather Momo Mod.07 steering wheel, a heritage Momo ‘California’ model – or get the limited edition Momo 1968 Heritage project. With fewer than 1000 units made, it’s a beautiful thing to have and to hold.  There are more options this way, and if you prefer adding a little fairy dust to what you’re using right now, these steering wheel parts will do just that.

Top gear?

Whether you want to upgrade, replace, or just tweak your stick shift, Design 911 have the parts you need to transform your 911 with a simple change up.  Similarly, if you’re ready to splash on your dash, these five options can revive where you drive.

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Sounds good…

Meanwhile, the Blaupunkt Bremen SQR 46 DAB is perfect for every PORSCHE 911 and 964, as well as the 993, 944 and 928, while the Porsche Classic Communications Management system fits the same models and enables your car to talk back to you!

On a more prosaic level, this roof (or head) liner fits Porsche 911 Coupe models 1965 -1989 and the 964. It’s available in white and black to RS specification for models both with and without a sunroof. Similarly, these dials are a quick win in terms of giving your 911 a new face – and they’re reduced in price, too!


Flawless floors

Looking lower down in the cabin, these scuff plates are available as either badged or non-badged side sill options, while these beautiful brushed chrome pedals and components will keep your 911 looking the part. Your finishing touch could be the smartest move you make – why not invest in this multi-part full carpet set – nothing beats that new carpet smell, right – while with a range of seven colours, you’ll find a set of mats to reinvigorate a tired interior.


And remember – whether you’re hands on or off when it comes to revive what you drive, speak to Design 911 before you get started. We have experts on tap and the specialist knowledge you’ll need to get your project off to a roaring start!



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