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Unveiling Timeless Beetle – Exploring 1971 Volkswagen

Unveiling Timeless Beetle – Exploring 1971 Volkswagen


Today’s owner review features the classic 1971 Volkswagen Beetle. A car that leaves everyone in awe, the Beetle demands you to give it a second glance—thumbs up to the owner for keeping this vintage car alive and making its presence known. Join us in discovering the vintage car’s legacy.


Bought in 1989, the Beetle cost its owner Rs. 16,000 in Sargodha.


This specific variant of the Beetle is a 1302 Super Beetle with a power of 1300cc. This variant was the last model manufactured in Germany, adding to its exclusivity. “The engine is all aluminum,” shared the owner as he discarded the impressions of Beetle overheating. Other specifications include air cooling, a push rod system, side-by-side pistons, engine fins, and an intercooler. The engine is positioned in the car’s trunk, a rare sight in cars of that era.


Unlike other Beetles, this Super Beetle has a jump rod suspension. This car has a 4-wheel independent suspension, a feature common in pickup trucks.


The owner has bought all the parts from the USA. All these parts are 100% original and have no alterations whatsoever. An issue the owner shares is the need for more availability in local markets. He shares the example of the taillight. JBugs in the USA supports the car for its parts requirements.

The most recent need to be restored was three years ago when the vehicle stayed idle in the garage for an extended period. “To source parts locally, one can search their luck in Rawalpindi,” shared the owner.


“The oil and air filter are lifetime and have never been changed,” claimed the owner.


Beetle’s interior is embossed with eye-catching aesthetics, including VW’s logos on the seats, uplifting the attention to detail of the classic model. To prevent rust from taking over, the owner has placed double carpeting on all the pressure points of the vehicle.


The car was repainted from beige to silver, making it unique as Volkswagen did not offer silver in the Beetle. Moreover, the bumpers have been chromed.

Fuel Average

The car’s fuel average used to be calculated in miles/gallons, giving 35 miles/gallon. In today’s time, the Beetle offers 12 km/l. 

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