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USPS to Deploy 66,000 Electric Vehicles by 2028

USPS to Deploy 66,000 Electric Vehicles by 2028


usps-to-deployUSPS to deploy 66000 electric vehicles by 2028



The United States Postal Service is updating its fleet by incorporating at least 66,000 electric delivery vehicles.


The new electric vehicles are part of a larger fleet renewal operation that aims at replacing the old 220,000 vehicles that constitute the USPS delivery fleet. The plan includes the purchase of 106,000 before 2028.

The rejuvenation plan is composed of multiple parts; the new 106,000 vehicles will come in different forms, propulsion systems, and from various suppliers, all depending on the agency’s needs and market availability. 

The most interesting batch is the 60,000 Next Generation Delivery Vehicles, 75% of those will be battery electric vehicles, not only that, but they will also feature new advanced comfort and safety features that will make them more compatible with modern delivery services. For this important purchase, USPS plans to favor local suppliers over foreign ones. This detail narrows the supply possibilities and puts Ford, Chevrolet, and Rivian as prime contenders, considering their recent inputs in this segment.

This fleet renovation plan is a crucial part of USPS’s overall modernization efforts, which were only made possible thanks to the new $3 billion congressional funding under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

However, the postal service doesn’t plan to go full electric yet. 

The agency will keep procuring new combustion engine vehicles to respond to more immediate needs.

Even with the electric vehicles, the agency will proceed gradually, instead of executing one massive purchase, this will help it adapt and improve its fleet in accordance with the new development in electric technology and with the market situation. The new vehicles are expected to enter service in late 2023.

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