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Video – An Auto Rickshaw Spotted in Dubai

Video – An Auto Rickshaw Spotted in Dubai


The people of Dubai saw an unusual vehicle on the roads as it is never seen before. A video going viral on social media has made people do a double take because there is an auto rickshaw in Dubai. The scene is quite common in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, but the land of luxury cars has never seen this three-wheeler running on those highways.

The rickshaw, however, is more modern and updated than our local ones. The vehicle is white and light brown colored with white tires. Also, it has half doors, giving it a fresh look. Overall the rickshaw seems spacious compared to ours.

Who is the Owner? 

A little digging revealed that the rickshaw is owned by an Indian expat named Julaash, and you can rent it for photoshoots and weddings. According to a media report, the owner has obtained a biker license from Road and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai, which permits him to ride the rickshaw around the city. And one more interesting feature of this one is that it is convertible means you can remove its roof for convenience.

But there is one problem with this vehicle in Dubai: heat. The weather in this Arab state remains very hot most of the year, and it is pretty hard to commute without an AC car, so it can be an issue. But as they said, Shoq Daa Koi Mull Nae, so if one loves the rickshaw, especially desi people, they can have a short ride on it; if not, just have photos with it and have fun. 

What do you think about this rickshaw in Dubai? If you are in UAE, would you ride on this three-wheeler? Tell us in the comments section. 



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