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Video – World’s First Car with ‘Zero’ Ground Clearance

Video – World’s First Car with ‘Zero’ Ground Clearance


Within the global car culture, there exists a tendency among people to appreciate and seek out elements that create a sense of surprise. Resultantly, various car enthusiasts continually generate unconventional concepts that effectively grab the attention of others, with both positive and negative outcomes.

In a recent and significant development, a team of Italian car enthusiasts, operating under the name ‘Carmagheddon’ on YouTube, has successfully crafted what could potentially be regarded as the most extraordinarily low-slung car ever produced.

The Modifying Process

By modifying a first-generation Fiat Panda, the car enthusiasts undertook a radical transformation by completely removing the lower portion from the bonnet downwards, resulting in a unique motorized three-wheeler where the wheels are entirely concealed.

One might question its classification as a car, given its unconventional design. However, it possesses the ability to move forward, steer left or right, and accommodates a driver, resembling traditional car functions. Yet, beyond these similarities, the vehicle departs from conventional car characteristics.

Powering this distinct creation is a compact single-cylinder engine ingeniously placed in the front.

Instead of a conventional steering wheel, the car is maneuvered using a slender handlebar. This handlebar extends towards the rear, positioning the driver far away from the engine for safety purposes.

However, when it comes to safety and seating, this car presents significant challenges. The accompanying video demonstrates that in order to fit inside the vehicle, the driver must either awkwardly lie down on a wooden plank at an uncomfortable angle or contort themselves into a yoga-like posture and lean forward. Both options pose considerable discomfort and potential strain on the driver’s back.

Additionally, the driver relies on a smartphone-connected camera as the sole means to see the road ahead. The phone is positioned on the plank below the driver, serving as the sole visibility aid.

It is important to note that this car is primarily designed for car shows rather than practical road use. Consequently, the reactions and feedback regarding this unconventional vehicle are diverse and varied, to say the least.

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