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Volvo EX30 Reveals More Glimpses of Its Interesting-Looking Interior

Volvo EX30 Reveals More Glimpses of Its Interesting-Looking Interior


  • Volvo has shown more images of the EX30 before its reveal next week, revealing that the cabin will feature just a single 12.3-inch center screen.
  • The cabin will also include a sound bar spanning the entire dashboard, freeing up space on the doors for extra storage.
  • The interior will be decked out in renewable materials, from flax to wool to recycled denim.

The Volvo EX30, first teased earlier this month, is set to be unveiled next week and will occupy the smaller end of Volvo’s increasingly electrified lineup. Ahead of the full reveal, Volvo has offered a few more tastes of what to expect from the new electric crossover, showing glimpses of the exterior and interior design.

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The new images show sharply creased bodywork and distinctive LED lights, with the headlights adopting Volvo’s established “Thor’s hammer” look as seen on the EX90. The taillights also echo the larger electric SUV, with a C-shaped section beneath a vertical element.

The interior looks minimalist, with a mostly empty dashboard centered around a single screen, measuring 12.3 inches. A “calm” mode will see the screen display only the most important information, and the infotainment system will include built-in voice commands via Google Assistant and navigation from Google Maps. However, the EX30 will also become the first Volvo with wireless Apple CarPlay, and the system will be capable of 5G connectivity.

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The interior will feature a sound bar inspired by the type you might find in your living room, stretching across the width of the dashboard. The sound bar can be paired with an upgraded Harmon Kardon system and Volvo says that by putting multiple speakers within one housing, they’ve cut back on the amount of wiring and other materials used. The sound bar also means there aren’t speakers in the doors, allowing for extra storage space, while the window switches also migrate from the doors to the center console.

The glovebox has moved, now slotting in below the center screen, and the cupholders will also retract to free up space. The rear passengers get access to a sliding storage bin as well, while Volvo says a guide integrated into the tailgate shows what sizes of cargo will fit in the trunk.

Volvo is touting the use of recycled and renewable materials, and calls the different interior themes “rooms.” One cabin theme will center around denim, using waste from the denim recycling process, and other materials will include flax and a wool blend that features 70 percent recycled polyester. Recycled plastic will also be used throughout, including Nordico, a material that comes from PET water bottles. The EX30 will debut on June 7, with U.S. reservations opening up the same day. Sales should kick off next year.

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