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Vote for your Classic Ford of the Year!

Vote for your Classic Ford of the Year!


Our sister title Classic Ford magazine has featured some stunning cars over the last 12 months. Now it’s time for you to vote for your Classic Ford of the Year!

Words: Simon Woolley

2023 has been a incredible year for top-quality restorations and ground-breaking rebuilds, and the nominees for Classic Ford of the Year 2023 have now been revealed. Cast your eyes over the 12 stunning nominees below – all featured in Classic Ford magazine over the previous year – then head to the bottom of the page to make your selection!

Car A: Mk1 Escort

Owner: Kevin Keating

Featured: December 2022

It took Kevin 25 years to complete this Mk1 but it was so worth it, debuting at the Classic Ford Show with the look and feel of a proper 1990s-modified Mk1 for the street, strip and sprint track.

Car B: Mk3 Capri

Owners: Mick Skipp and Graham Clarke

Featured: March 2023

A real crowd-pleaser when it debuted at the Classic Ford Show last year, Mick and Graham’s dedicated restoration on this über-rare GT4 is something else.

Car C: Mk2 Fiesta

Owner: Nicky Brazier

Featured: December 2022

Who modifies a Fiesta van these days? Nicky does, that’s who and his fresh take on the pint-sized commercial is a track regular too — complete with Zetec power.

Car D: Mk1 Cortina

Owner: Kevin May

Featured: December 2022

Period-perfect looks but powered by a top-spec Pinto, Kevin’s early Mk1 is built street-tough but with enough classic touches to appeal to the purists.

Car E: Anglia 100E

Owner: Trevor Jones

Featured: January 2023

What could be better than a hot Pinto-powered 100E rocking the iconic Gulf Racing livery?

Car F: Mk1 Fiesta

Owner: Neil Shore

Featured: April 2023

It’s an XR2 but not as we know it, with those wide steels hinting that all it not as it seems with Neil’s 2.1-litre ZVH turbo-powered Mk1.

Car G: Mk1 Escort

Owner: Adam McLaren

Featured: December 2022

Steel bubble arches, period split-rims, a one-off interior and a hot XE under the bonnet — Adam’s labour of love is spot-on.

Car H: Mk1 Fiesta

Owner: Paul Edmondson

Featured: February 2023

Being a 1300S makes this Mk1 rare enough, but the Series X goodies, dealer-fitted from new, make it extraordinary.

Car I: Mk2 Escort

Owner: Sammy Woodthorpe

Featured: Spring 2023

A classic Ford scene originator, this Mk2 Mex is reborn with trick carbon panels and a 2.3 Duratec.

Car J: Mk3 Capri

Owner: Brenden Guest

Featured: October 2023

Fuelled by nostalgia for his Ford-fuelled youth, Brenden has built possibly the best 3.0S we’ve seen for some years.

Van K: Mk2 Transit

Owner: Andy Laybourne

Featured: September 2023

This former 4×4 fire tender has been reborn as a 2.5 Di-powered daily driver with Triplex race team lively and off-road tyres. Bonkers — and coveted by all who see it.

Car L: Mk1 Capri

Owner: Rav Dhuna

Featured: July 2023

Rav’s unique take on the restomod treatment has transformed this Mk1 into a show-winning road monster with 3.1 Essex and one-off interior. Pure class.

Vote for your Classic Ford of the Year

Voting closes at midnight UTC on Sunday, November 6. The winning car will be revealed in the January 2023 issue of Classic Ford magazine, on sale Friday, November 25.



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