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Want to give your Cayman more bite…?

Want to give your Cayman more bite…?


By Tom on Thursday, October 5, 2023

A car named after an alligator is not to be messed with. But improved and upgraded to get it to make it that bit snappier? That’s a different proposition. We’ve assembled a checklist of nine tweaks and upgrades to give your Cayman more teeth…

1 improve your circulation…

Spread the pressure with a sparkling aluminium IPD Intake Plenum. Readymade for most Porsche Cayman and Boxsters, the 981 model supersedes the 987.2 version and improves performance by drawing in air from both air intakes while golf-ball style dimples improve airflow. While you’re at it, why not boost the whole intake system by pairing your plenum with this 82mm Bosch throttle body?

2 Grab a new clutch…

A quick win is this steel flywheel and clutch kit. Designed for normal street use for everyday performance enthusiasts, it’s lightweight to improve performance, and the high tolerance manufacturing ensures a perfect hassle-free installation. Nice.

3 Insulation not vibration

Get a shift on with this short gearshift kit and beat those ‘add-on’ noise blues with this silicone insulation tubing for numeric racing cables: say goodbye to those pesky noises or vibrations from the metal cable ends. It’s all smooth from now on…

4 Pipe dream?

…Unless you count the beautiful engine notes you’ll get from your fab new sports exhaust muffler and silencer assembly with Valvetronic and sports headers. A key fob controls this unique exhaust and the dual-tone setup. Switch on the fly from a closed switch for a deep sports turbo effect to open and the perfect racing sports sound. Gnarly.

5 Animated suspension…

Whether you’re burning up the Nürburgring, or just navigating the cones on the bypass roadworks, the ride is better with this RSS Tarmac Stage 2 suspension kit. It’s all here. Smooth as silk and race-ready, this suspension kit is high quality, precision engineering – a perfect partner for your Porsche. And take the shock out of your suspension damping responses with this Bilstein Adjustable Coilover kit, or the Bilstein Damptronic PASM version for an electronically managed ride.

6 Don’t beat about…

Bushes? Really? You might not think of your engine mounts as candidate for a rework, but you’d be wrong. Upgrading from standard issue rubber suspension bushes to these lovely Polyurethane equivalents will improve road holding, increase tyre life and make your steering more responsive. The other products in this range are also genuine gamechangers. They can improve power transfer, enhance throttle response and enhance stability and handling.

7 Roll with it…

Who needs body roll when driving hard? Not you. So take a look at the Porsche 981 H&R Anti Roll Bar and Sway Bar Kit. Less rock and roll, more lateral stiffness and better handling. Shot peened and heat treated with precision forged ends, the link mounting points are adjustable to get the ride you want from the car you love.

8 … and keep your cool!

Whether you’re upgrading or replacing your rad, here’s what you need. CSF engineers and builds racing and high-performance radiators for every Porsche models. They’re the most advanced, efficient, and reliable cooling systems in the world. Thanks to the CNC machined brackets, mounting pins and “Quick-Connect” inlet/outlet pipes it’s a drop-in fit requiring no modifications.

9 Take a brake.

Power without control isn’t something you want with a car this swift, so before you start, think about stopping. These Giro slotted brake discs and caliper mounting stud kits fit both front and rear, and come as replacements or upgrades. Alternatively, up your brake game with these PAGID racing brake options. Nice colours, too, if aesthetic mechanics is your jam.



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