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Want To Speed Up Your Work? Yokohama Now Sells Pencil Erasers Pattered After Its Stickiest Tires

Want To Speed Up Your Work? Yokohama Now Sells Pencil Erasers Pattered After Its Stickiest Tires


It’s always delightful when predominantly automotive companies make stuff that isn’t used in cars: Volkswagen currywurst, Michelin guides, that sort of stuff. Well, I’m pleased to announce that there’s a new kid on the block —Yokohama makes erasers patterned after some of its stickiest tires. Mann coffee filters, meet your match.

Yokohama A052 Eraser

It makes sense that Yokohama sells things to pull graphite from paper, seeing as the company’s been making rubber products for more than a century. In fact, its full title is still Yokohama Rubber Company, and it manufactures conveyor belts, marine hoses, and all sorts of things you’d never expect. However, from kids who were really into Gran Turismo to Lil Wayne, most people know Yokohama as a tire manufacturer. Lorenzos on Yokohama tires, anyone?

Vidframe Min Top

Vidframe Min Bottom

Sure, tires like the Geolandar A/T G015 do an awesome job of combining soft-terrain capability with reasonable street manners, but if you’ve stumbled across this article, you might be into going fast, whether you’re 70 or 17. That’s cool, there’s a little Ricky Bobby in all of us. You may even gravitate towards some of the stickiest street tires, so you probably know what Yokohama has to offer. Just in case you don’t though, here’s a little bio or two.

Yokohama A052

The Yokohama Advan A052 is something of a phenom in autocross circles, famed for its gorilla-like cold grip, stiff carcass, and ability to lay down blazing fast times. Sure, Bridgestone may now have the RE-71RS, but for many applications, the A052s are still the shit. The downside? This is a Super 200 tire, or a 200 treadwear tire with an actual life expectancy of lol, lmao.

Yokohama Ad09

If you want extended session durability from a Yokohama, you’re probably looking at the Advan Neova AD09, the latest evolution in Yokohama’s line of semi-slicks. I’ve heard from owners that hot grip is on par with the A052, but also that you really have to lean on these tires to get and keep heat in them.

Of course, both tires have distinctive patterns in real life. The A052s look to have a few circumferential grooves accented by the most modest of regulator-satiating sipes. On the other side of things, the AD09s look like chunks of Godzilla hide. Both are distinctive patterns that look awesome on stationery supplies, and these Advan erasers look the absolute business.

Yokohama Advan 40th Anniversary Eraser Set

Intriguingly, this isn’t the first time Yokohama has released erasers patterned after its high-performance tires. Japanese Nostalgic Car reports that in 2018, Yokohama released a 40th anniversary set featuring such icons as the Advan HF Type D, and the Neova AD05. Only 650 sets were made, so if you get lucky, you might find one on Buyee.

Yokohama Advan Neova Ad09 Eraser

Both the A052-patterned eraser and the AD09-patterned eraser come in a package for a modest 517 yen, or $3.50. As far as things worth about $3.50 go, this is up near the top. Of course, there is a major catch — Yokohama will only deliver these dope erasers within Japan, so you’ll need a buddy, an awesome parcel forwarding service, or a life in Japan to cop these. Still, think of how much cooler your desk would look with performance tire-patterned erasers on it.

(Photo credits: Yokohama)

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