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We Found More Rare Ferrari Colours!

We Found More Rare Ferrari Colours!


This article includes colours like Azzurro Iridenscente, Blu Genziana Storico, Rosso Angelo and Turchese Dry Opaco.

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Arcobaleno Lucido

Ferrari 812 Competizione in Arcobaleno Lucido

Credits: FerrariColors (Instagram)

Recently seen on an 812 Competizione, Arcobaleno Lucido is a silver paint but with all kinds of colours mixed in. No wonder that it translates to ‘shiny rainbow’.

Azzurro Iridenscente

Ferrari SF90 Stradale in Azzurro Iridenscente

Credits: Ernesto Rietdijk

To our knowledge, this is the first time Azzurro Iridenscente is seen on a Ferrari. Depending on the angle, you get hues of pink, purple, blue and gold. We don’t even want to know how much this paint costs..

Bianco Onda Marina

Ferrari Monza SP2 in Bianco Onda Marina

Credits: Aaronandcars

So far, this shade of white has only been seen on this particular Ferrari Monza SP1. Very hard to tell the difference compared to other shades of white.

Blu Genziana Storico

Ferrari SF90 Spider in Blu Genziana Storico

Credits: @luisncars (Instagram)

There’s always a fun story behind a tailor made colour. In this case, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale’s configuration is inspired by a Ferrari 335 S that was campaigned by none other than Luigi Chinetti. The blue paint is already stunning under showroom lights, so we can’t image what it looks like outside.

Bronzo Masaru

Ferrari F12tdf in Bronzo Masaru

Credits: Nozomi Okazaki

Originally a Lamborghini colour, Bronzo Masaru has been used on a handful of Ferrari cars, including this Ferrari F12tdf. It first the front-engine Ferrari design perfectly.

Grigio Galvano

Ferrari SF90 Stradale in Grigio Galvano

Credits: Ferrari

Grigio Galvano is a relatively new Ferrari colour that is available through Tailor Made. Ferrari recently shared the colour on their social media pages, seen on this SF90 Spider.

Rosso Angelo

Ferrari 599 GTB in Rosso Rubino

Credits: Switchcars

The first (and only) red shade we’re going to mention here. Although we love the classic Rosso Corsa, it’s great to see so many non-red Ferraris out there. Rosso Rubino fits the Ferrari 599 GTB just perfectly, doesn’t it?

Turchese Dry Opaco

Ferrari 488 Pista Spider in Turchese Dry Opaco

Credits: V-Max Photography

This may look like a car wrap, but it definitely is a factory paint. Turchese Dry Opaco, in combination with a livery in Bianco would just fit any car.

Verde Volterra

Ferrari 812 Competizione in Verde Volterra

Credits: Soren Swift

Let’s end with a bang! Verde Volterra, similarly as Azzurro Iridenscente, changes colour depending on the angle, but it’s mainly green with some gold. Verde Volterra is part of Ferrari’s ‘Cavalcade Collection’, consisting of pre-configured specs paying tribute to the Cavalcade rally. Volterra is a town in Tuscany and explains why Ferrari themselves describe this colour as “deep greens and earthy tones”.



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