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What Car Features Do You Refuse To Use?

What Car Features Do You Refuse To Use?


Ford's BlueCruise

Image: Ford

Cars are so technologically advanced and filled with so many features now, a time traveler from just 10-15 years ago would be wowed if they were to get into a current car on the market. The advent of EVs has seemed to accelerate things, with automakers using them as testbeds to showcase the latest and greatest technology. Things like over two feet of screens, enough driver assistance safety systems for two vehicles, full entertainment systems and more seat adjustments than one person could ever need are commonplace now.

But what if you’re one of the people who don’t have a need for or don’t care for some of this stuff? While the tech is welcome, it’s helping to drive up the cost of cars. And a lot of the tech that comes equipped in cars some may refuse to use. Hands free driving systems and smart cruise control for instance. I refuse to use them. Not for fear or anything…well I guess you could say that. I don’t trust them or think the technology is advanced enough to be using them yet. The fact that you have to keep your eyes forward and your hands near the wheel to take over tells us as much. And when you live in a place with as much traffic as Southern California, systems like that in stop and go traffic don’t really make much sense to me.

So now you know what car feature I refuse to use. Now it’s your turn. What car features do you refuse to use? It can be anything, from as simple as heated seats to something like Ford’s BlueCruise or GM’s SuperCruise. Let us know in the comments.



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