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Why Suzuki Bolan Will be Discontinued Actually?

Why Suzuki Bolan Will be Discontinued Actually?


Its been a while since we have been listening to the news or rumors that Suzuki Bolan will be discontinued and be replaced by Suzuki Every. In August 2021, we told you that multiple reports have claimed the discontinuation of Bolan, and there was a vital reason behind these reports.

The reason behind this rumor was an order by the Lahore High Court directing the Engineering Development Board (EDB), the regulatory body for the auto industry, to ensure that all car companies assemble vehicles with airbags. Meanwhile, an EDB official confirmed that all local companies and importers were asked to follow internationally accepted safety standards called WP-29, including the installation of airbags, by the end of 2021. However, the companies got a waiver of 18 months till mid-2023. But interestingly, the extended deadline has also passed, and Bolan is still here, more importantly, without any airbags. So, what is the latest update on the continuation of this four-wheeler in the local market?

EDB on Suzuki Bolan

While talking to PakWheels.com, an EDB official stated that the regulatory body has recently discussed the issue. “The airbags will be compulsory in every car by mid-2024, and vehicles without them will be discontinued,” he explained. This means that Suzuki Pakistan has already received an extension in this regard, and there are slim chances of another deadline extension. Furthermore, in case of the end of the vehicle, Suzuki has to replace them, and Suzuki Every is the best replacement.

So, we should keep our fingers crossed, and hopefully, the age-old vehicles like Bolan will be finally discontinued after 7-8 months. However, it is unclear which model or generation of Every will be launched in Pakistan. Apparently, Suzuki Pakistan would not do it out of their good heart; rather, they are forced to follow the rule of implementing WP-29 safety regulations, and Suzuki Bolan doesn’t fit in this set of regulations. 

Will Suzuki discontinue Bolan next year due to WP-29 regulations? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.



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