Home Ferrari 250 GTO “Ye Jahaaz Hai Ya Gaari?” – Ultra Luxury Toyota Hiace Review

“Ye Jahaaz Hai Ya Gaari?” – Ultra Luxury Toyota Hiace Review

“Ye Jahaaz Hai Ya Gaari?” – Ultra Luxury Toyota Hiace Review


Before we dive into the walkthrough, tell us the first thought that comes to your mind when you see a Toyota Hiace. Probably a public transport vehicle. Don’t worry; we thought similarly after seeing Suneel’s friend’s newest purchase, the 2023 Toyota Hiace. However, this is not your ordinary Hiace. This is a highly customized luxury van.

Let’s find out more about this unique project. A remarkable fact is that the complete detailing project has been undertaken in Pakistan. The whole fabrication and craftsmanship job has been done locally. Essential international standards were kept in mind when undertaking the project.


The brand-new stock 2023 Toyota Hiace cost Rs. 15 million.


The Hiace has a 2500 cc diesel-powered engine with manual gear transmission.


Although the van carries a stock look from the exterior, the interior is highly contrasting. Suneel took on the Hiace project and went all in to customize a stock Hiace into a premium luxury van. Firstly, the vehicle’s seats have been changed to full-size automatic sofa recliners.

Nothing is hand-controlled, as an application operates the van’s features on an iPad. App-controlled features include smart curtains, a smart 4G switch, a full-sized 42-inch TV, smart IR, and audio controls. Also, a modern ambient lighting system that can be controlled via buttons and the app has been installed.

The car has complete Alcantara paneling, wood lining on the floor and roof, a humidifier, an intercom to contact the driver, luxurious adjustable seats with heated and cold ventilation, and a massager. Moreover, the seats also carry trays to place belongings or food. The modifications do not end here. This Hiace has a Wi-Fi router, a glass cupboard, a meal table, a refrigerator with a freezer, and a fingerprint-operated locker.

For Sale

This luxury 2023 Toyota Hiace is for sale with a price tag of Rs 26 million. Would you buy this Hiace? Tell us in the comments below.

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