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You Could Own This ‘Dumb And Dumber’ ‘Mutt Cutts’ Tribute Van

You Could Own This ‘Dumb And Dumber’ ‘Mutt Cutts’ Tribute Van


How much would you pay to look dumb and/or dumber? Come on, that’s a serious question, and it’s not derogatory in any way. The Mutt Cutts van from “Dumb and Dumber” is one seriously underrated film car, and you could own a rather convincing replica. This slice of nostalgia is up for auction on Cars & Bids, and it’s sure to set a record for 1993 Ford E-150s. After all, how much are these things normally worth? Twenty dollars?

Welcome back to Gavel Gazing, a regular series where we share what’s piqued our interests on the online auction block. Friday’s “MacGruber” Miata pulled an incredible $55,000, which means whoever bought it will have it personally delivered by Will Forte. It turns out, film provenance can add a hell of a lot of value. Who knew?

Vidframe Min Top

Vidframe Min Bottom

In case you haven’t watched “Dumb and Dumber,” Jeff Daniels’ character drives a carpet-wrapped cargo van previously used for a dog grooming business that takes main characters Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne most of the way to Aspen on a mission to return a briefcase to its owner, blissfully unaware that it contains ransom money.

Unsurprisingly for a film that grossed $247,275,374 worldwide, “Dumb and Dumber” is seared into the childhoods of ’90s kids like a brand on a steer, and any replica of the iconic Mutt Cutts van is sure to attract a crowd. Sure, you could buy enough carpet for a postwar bungalow and build you own, but this one’s ready to go.

Mutt Cutts Van 4

According to the seller, this E-150 was converted into a film tribute by a company called Lawyer Garage in 2020, and taking a quick look around, this doesn’t seem to be the only film tribute vehicle Lawyer Garage has done. From a nicely-done replica of Mater from “Cars” to the Mirthmobile from “Wayne’s World,” this is one collection that has a little bit of everything. Anyway, I’m getting distracted here.

Mutt Cutts Van 5

This Mutt Cutts van is much like any other Econoline van, save for the minor detail of, erm, detailing. Keeping externally-mounted Berber carpet clean sounds like a nightmare, but what do I know? Maybe you just hose the whole vehicle down with Scotchgard every so often and call it good. Still, this van is more practical as it seems upon first glance as it comes with three rows of seating, a nice-looking conversion van interior, and an opening hood. Alright, the last feature is a low bar to clear, but art cars aren’t often this thought-out.

Mutt Cutts Van 3

Speaking of good ideas, the seller claims that “An auxiliary fan has been installed to prevent overheating. I’ve been stuck in traffic numerous times with no issues.” While we’re on the subject of powertrain stuff, this Econoline is fitted with Ford’s iconic 300 cubic-inch inline-six hitched to a three-speed automatic transmission, so while nobody could describe this van as quick, it’ll keep going forever.

Mini Bike

Oh, and there’s something included in this auction for two-wheeler fans — a matching minibike like the one from the film. Featuring the requisite patched banana seat and red paint job, it should get you to Aspen, so long as you don’t get caught.

Mutt Cutts Van 2

With three days left to go on the auction, this Mutt Cutts van is already commanding a strong high bid of $23,000, but if you’ve got $25,000 we’re saying there’s a chance you could win it. That’s big money for a statement piece, but if you’ve seen what DeLoreans are going for these days, this van’s high bid certainly isn’t outrageous. Here’s hoping whoever wins it makes the most annoying sound in the world as soon as they get the keys.

(Photo credits: Cars & Bids)

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