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You Just Got Rickrolled By A Watermelon: COTD

You Just Got Rickrolled By A Watermelon: COTD


Yesterday was the ninth annual Galpin Car Show, where the cars were great and this site’s co-founders apparently had quite the time. From all accounts, the show was as impressive as it was massive, and the Autopian even got its own little corner! There was a VIP section contained in the Aston Martin dealership, which I have to note has its own bar and a really heavy bank vault door. Anyway, that’s where David linked up with Autopian cofounder Beau and found a harpist, as well as food so classy there were cars carved into watermelons.

I didn’t even know carving watermelons was a thing! Anyway, one watermelon depicted a first-generation Ford GT while a second had a second-generation Ford GT. The odd watermelon out was one showing a Lada Niva. Our best guess is that the Lada was really supposed to be a Land Rover Defender since that is a brand that the Aston Martin dealer shares a building with. But, maybe the artist got the wrong reference picture?

Anyway, it’s so cool that it’s hard to call it a mistake. You go, little Lada watermelon! Of course, our readers have pulled out some rather hilarious comments from this car show. Contributor Mark Tucker started a joke thread with:

They are Niva gonna live that mistake down.

A. Barth followed it up with, well, just read:

Niva gonna give you up

Niva gonna let you down

Niva gonna run around

And desert you

A few of you wrote jokes about the job description of someone who does food art. Usernametaken got me right in my sides:

“I work in event based organic graphic design and multidimensional physical visual installations”

Finally, for one more nomination, we look at a comment from William Eby about Jason’s tiredness after pushing microcars around in Southern California heat:

You aren’t supposed to push the cars from the front! You get tired!

You are supposed to push from the back. You get exhausted!

I’ll see myself out.

Fantastic job, everyone. Thank you for the Monday laughs and have a great night!

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