Home Ferrari 250 GTO “1500 Mien Full Charge” – Nissan Sakura EV Owner Review

“1500 Mien Full Charge” – Nissan Sakura EV Owner Review

“1500 Mien Full Charge” – Nissan Sakura EV Owner Review


The electric revolution in Pakistan is in full swing, with numerous options springing up in the market. Today’s owner review features the 2022 Nissan Sakura 660 cc, a Kei category fully electric model. It was introduced on 20 May 2022 as the first battery electric Kei-car from Nissan. Join us as we inquire about the owner’s experience keeping Sakura on the Pakistani roads.

Price of Nissan Sakura

The total cost of importing a reconditioned model was around Rs 5.1 million about two months ago. However, this number has increased as the demand has increased and the exchange rate varies.

Battery Capacity

The battery is 20 kWh in gross capacity. The company claims the range of the car to be 180 km. However, the owner estimates it to be around 130-135 kilometers using AC.

Charging Time of Nissan Sakura

Nissan Sakura comes with a single-phase wall mount charger, providing full charge in 6 hours at home. If connected to an industrial charger, the charging time drastically reduces to almost 40 minutes.

Electric Unit Cost

When calculated, the Sakura digests 16-17 units to charge fully, costing around Rs. 1,500.

Interior and Features

The interior comprises soft, comfortable sofa-styled seats, spacious leg space, and a modern and sleek dashboard. The car offers impressive features incorporating anti-collision assist, a 360-degree camera, touch climate control, and Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, the Sakura offers drive modes eco, standard, and sports. Other features include brake hold, regenerative braking, front and rear cameras, and 4 airbags.

Ground Clearance of Nissan Sakura 

Though Japanese models’ ground clearance is an issue on Pakistani roads, the owner claims that Sakura provides good clearance and soft suspension, rarely hitting speed breakers.

Body Parts Availability

Nissan Sakura’s parts are interchangeable with its gasoline counterpart, Nissan Dayz Highway Star. This makes it easier to source components locally.


Users should abstain from direct water spray on batteries of Nissan Sakura and avoid flooded roads.

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