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United 70 2024 Price, Specs, and Features Unveiled

United 70 2024 Price, Specs, and Features Unveiled


United, one of Pakistan’s well-known motorcycle manufacturers, has just rolled out its 2024 edition of the United 70. If you’re wondering what’s new in this United 70 2024 model, from the price to the specs, we’ve got it all covered right here.

United 70 2023 vs. 2024

United 70 2024United claims to have introduced various changes in the 2024 model. Let’s see if these changes are noticeable or if it’s mainly about the stickers.

Improved Engine Cooling: The new model boasts better engine cooling with an aluminum cylinder body (featuring a cast iron sleeve).

Modern Stickers: You’ll find modern stickers on the fuel tank and side cover set.

Attractive Speedometer: The bike sports a new, attractive speedometer.

Enhanced Chrome: Expect improved chrome on various parts.

Quality Upgrades: The fuel tank, seat, and axels receive hardware quality improvements.

Thicker Taillight Bracket: The taillight bracket is now thicker at 1.6mm.

Control Cables: Better control cables enhance your riding experience.

Superior Paint: Enjoy a better paint quality.

Quality Materials: The headlight, winkers, handle & throttle grip, and taillight now feature improved materials.

Rubber Parts: Better quality rubber parts are used.

Improved Shocks: Both front and rear shocks have been improved.

While the company lists numerous changes, the most visible difference still revolves around the stickers.

United 70 Specs & Features

The specifications and features of the new United 70 2024 model include an air-cooled 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 78cc. It maintains a compression ratio of 8.1:1 and employs a drum mechanical front brake system along with a 4-speed transmission. Starting is accomplished through an arm assembly kick mechanism, and it houses an 8.5L fuel tank with an engine oil capacity of 0.7L. The bike has a dry weight of 82kg and rides on 2.25-17/4PR front tires and 2.50-17/4PR rear tires, all powered by a 12-volt battery. Importantly, these specifications and features remain identical to those of the previous model.

United 70 2024Expectations from 2024 Model

Customers have several expectations from the United 70cc model, including a desire for a fresh shape or design, redesigned headlight and taillight elements, improved ground clearance for versatile usage, the option for an electric start mechanism for added convenience, the inclusion of a digital instrument cluster for enhanced visibility and information, the utilization of tubeless tires for improved safety, alloy wheels to boost both style and performance and lastly, a focus on enhanced fuel efficiency for a more economical and sustainable riding experience.

2024 Fuel Average

On average, the United 70 delivers a fuel efficiency of around 50 km/l, based on various customer reviews. However, actual mileage can vary depending on factors such as the bike’s age, riding style, road conditions, maintenance, and more.

United 70 2024 Price 

The price for the United 70 2024 in Pakistan stands at Rs. 109,500. Yes, it’s the same as the 2023 model, so no surprises there.

United’s 70cc motorcycle has remained consistent in design, with minor sticker changes or tweaks. While it’s renowned for reliability and excellent acceleration, it might be time for the company to consider a fresh 70cc bike design for Pakistan. The new model doesn’t offer much in terms of a new look or features, but it does come with quality enhancements, as claimed by the company.

Would you consider buying the new United 70 2024 model? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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