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A Ride of EVEE electric scooter With Saheefa Jabbar

A Ride of EVEE electric scooter With Saheefa Jabbar


You might have seen or heard about moto vlogs, but today, we bring you a scooty vlog featuring Suneel and Saheefa Jabbar. Join us as we inquire about the experience and reviews of the EVEE electric scooter from our riders who make a trip to the famous Goga Channay Wala in Model Town, Lahore.

Vehicles and Women 

A growing trend on the Pakistani roads is observed as more aged women now travel independently with the help of scooters. This is a way of responding to the gender discriminatory remarks passed on women when they choose transport independence. During the ride, Saheefa said that she doesn’t understand when the vehicle becomes gender specific as many people consider scooty a ride for women only. Discussing the issue further, Suneel noted that for a long time, red color cars were considered for women.

Ride on EVEE Scooter

Though some people might think that scooters are slow and less efficient for quick transportation, within the city, the EVEE scooters offer a comfortable speed with flexible maneuvering when passing tight spaces. However, Saheefa mentioned that the charging time of this scooty is relatively high, and the company should work on it.

The charging time is an issue and affects your plans for a ride. “Once I took this scooty to a friend’s home along with its charger and put it on charge after reaching, but even after a couple of hours, the meter was still showing a single dot, making me realize that its charging time is high,” Suneel shared the experience.

Discussing the range of this two-wheeler, Suneel said that he has travelled 75 kilometers in one charge. “I went from Gulberg to State Life, then Model Town, followed by Defense and back to Gulberg,” he shared.

Suggestions to Manufacturers 

Two pieces of advice to electric vehicle manufacturers would be to reduce the charging time and increase the range of the vehicle to ensure a smoother experience for the users. Currently, these scooters come with stock lead-acid batteries; however, if shifted towards lithium-ion batteries, the charging time and efficiency could be significantly improved. There should be an App updating you about the charging state of the bike, making life very easy.

Here is the complete video of that ride:



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