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Suneel Munj Highlights Bad Driving Habits of Pakistanis

Suneel Munj Highlights Bad Driving Habits of Pakistanis


Suneel Munj is undoubtedly the biggest name in the automobile industry of Pakistan and among car lovers. He is famous for his car knowledge and reviews on PakWheels. Recently, he did a podcast with YouTuber Shahveer Jaffery where he discussed the negative road habits in Pakistan, among many other topics. 

Bad Driving Habits

Regarding the topic, Suneel Munj stated that patience is the biggest key to driving on local roads. “If you don’t have patience, you will not survive in Pakistan,” Munj stated, adding that our traffic is the biggest example; we are not a nation but rather a crowd. “Everyone of us is in a hurry on the roads, and we all believe that rules are for others,” the car expert mentioned. 

Highlighting the problems further, he said:

  • Our people have established some unsaid rules; for example, a vehicle hitting from the rear is always a mistake.
  • Then, the driver going fast is always wrong, but not the one going slow in the high-speed lane.
  • Drivers coming from the side road will go straight to the main road instead of driving alongside the shoulder of the road. 
  • It would be your mistake if you tried to argue with a driver coming against the one-way traffic. 
  • If you try to correct someone older, it will be considered disrespectful, mixing the car culture and our social culture. 
  • Even going through a green signal, you have to check right and left whether someone is coming or not. 
  • If you try to get away from a vehicle on the high-speed lane, either it will not budge or simply switch on the right indicator, hinting that they are already overtaking someone and will not move from the lane until they achieve this “mission.” 
  • The local people love to misuse the hazard lights/double indicators. Although they are for an emergency or showing that a car is going straight at a crossover, car owners in Pakistan use them for marriages, political rallies, and even just for fun. 
  • A huge number of local drivers don’t believe in using the side indicators at all. 
  • The drivers decide at the last moment to take a turn or a U-turn, disregarding the traffic behind them. 
  • The bikers will not use side indicators; instead, they will use their head to hint that they will turn. 

During the same podcast, Suneel discussed several issues and problems related to the auto industry of Pakistan, and you can listen to it on Jaffery’s YouTube channel. 



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