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Aston Martin DB7 GT — Supercar Nostalgia

Aston Martin DB7 GT — Supercar Nostalgia



Aston Martin offered several no cost options for the DB7 GT to include burr walnut, oak, elm or maple wood trim inserts, 18-inch ten-spoke Vantage alloy wheels and Sports seats with plain or perforated leather centres (instead of alcantara).

At additional cost, customers could specify custom paint and interior surfaces, a colour-keyed set of fitted luggage, carbonfibre trim inserts, 19-inch nine-spoke Vantage alloy wheels, Black, Red, Gold or Graphite Grey brake calipers, personalised sill plates, a premium audio system with satellite-navigation, a heated windscreen, Powerfold mirrors, a first aid kit, a golf umbrella and holder, a fire extinguisher, Lambswool overmats and a full-sized spare wheel kit.

Weight / Performance

Aston Martin quoted an 1800kg weight for the DB7 GT which represented a 20kg gain over a standard DB7 Vantage.

Although top speed was an unchanged 184mph, acceleration times were much-improved thanks to the shorter final drive ratio as evidenced by the notably quicker 0-62mph figure which dropped from 5 seconds flat to just 4.6 seconds.

GTA performance figures were identical to the standard DB7 Vantage with a top speed limited to 165mph and a 0-62mph time of 5.2 seconds.

End of Production

Aston Martin discontinued GT production in December 2003 along with the rest of the DB7 range.

A total of 303 examples had been completed during the course of 2003, 191 of which were to manual GT trim (of which 85 were delivered to the UK and 64 to North America).

The remaining 112 were to GTA specification (60 having been delivered to the UK and 17 to North America).

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