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Punjab Excise Dept. Halts Smart Card Production for Vehicles

Punjab Excise Dept. Halts Smart Card Production for Vehicles


In a surprising turn of events, the Punjab Excise Department finds itself in a challenging predicament as the company responsible for manufacturing vehicle registration cards ceased its operations. The department had previously entered into a five-year contract with the ‘Inbox Company,’ concluding in May, where 8.5 million cards were to be supplied at a cost of Rs. 438 per card.

The Details

While the contract was briefly extended, yielding an additional 400,000 cards, it didn’t stave off the impending challenges. The Excise department managed to issue more than 80,000 registration cards before the temporary extension concluded. To avoid a complete standstill, a late tender was issued by the department, yet progress beyond the technical bid phase has been sluggish.

The current dilemma sees the Excise department grappling with a backlog of 2.5 million number plates. In an effort to address this issue, the department is exploring alternative solutions, including the possibility of introducing virtual cards.

Adding to the complications, the cost of smart registration cards for cars and motorbikes in Punjab is expected to undergo a substantial increase. This surge is attributed to the remarkable rise in the US dollar’s exchange rate against the Pakistani Rupee. The contract awarded in 2018, with the dollar valued at Rs. 140, has seen an astronomical increase, now exceeding Rs. 280.

The smart cards issued by the Punjab Excise Department boast over ten security features, including a monogram, a color-changing pattern based on temperature, and unique lamination. However, the raw materials essential for manufacturing these advanced cards are imported, adding another layer of complexity to the current situation. As the Excise department navigates through these challenges, the impact on both operations and end-users remains a topic of keen observation.

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