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Changan Offer – Buy Alsvin and Save upto Rs. 475,000

Changan Offer – Buy Alsvin and Save upto Rs. 475,000


With the winters, it seems the season of offers has also arrived for cars in Pakistan. From a market of “ON,” where it was hard for you to buy a car without paying extra cash, it has turned into an “OFF” one as every car assembler offers different incentives to customers, including free registration, price lock, and free insurance.

The latest trend shows that the companies are desperate to sell their vehicles as the sales numbers have dwindled in the last year or so, mainly due to the record high dollar rate, a ban on imports, and non-issuance of LCs by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Due to all these factors, car prices are currently out of the reach of common citizens, and the companies are trying hard to attract them.

Keeping the current trend alive, Changan Pakistan has also come with a new offer on its most famous car, Alsvin.

Changan Pakistan’s Offer 

According to a social media post, the company has offered its customers to “Buy Alsvin now and save up to Rs. 475,000.” Under the offer, the consumers will get free registration, first-year Takaful/Insurance, and priority delivery. However, terms and conditions are applied.

The offer is valid till October 31, 2023. 

So, if you are a fan of Changan Alsvin, this is your chance to get a new one for you and benefit from this offer as soon as possible because it is for limited days. The situation of the local auto market is expected to remain uncertain and unstable amid the import issues, because of which the Big 3 has recently announced another plant shutdown. Although the PKR has been performing steadily against the USD, it will take some time for the industry to stand back on its feet, and we hope that time will come soon.

What is your take on Changan’s new offer? Will you avail it? Please tell us in the comments section.




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